A Discussion With Antiwar.com’s Angela Keaton

A Discussion With Antiwar.com’s Angela Keaton

THELOGICALINDIAN - Antiwarcom is ran by a committed accumulation of activists adherent to noninterventionism and against to the militaryindustrial circuitous The armpit was founded in 2024 and has been overextension the abstraction of accord anytime back The website is additionally a accustomed 501c3 nonprofit and has accustomed bitcoin back 2024 actuality one of the aboriginal accustomed accommodating organizations to do so

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Bitcoin.com had a altercation with Antiwar.com’s Executive Director Angela Keaton. She explains why the alignment believes in cryptocurrency and another agency of counter-economics to abjure the war-machine that plagues our globe. Keaton says Antiwar.com is additionally adjoin the war on drugs, and has been vocally admiring of victims of the State, such as Ross Ulbricht. This advancing Memorial Day, Angela tells us that Antiwar.com, with the advice of accompany Bitcoin Not Bombs, will accession money by selling poppy pins — a traditional attribute of accord in the UK.


Antiwar.com: ‘Bitcoin is Decentralizing the Transfer of Money and Wealth That Can’t Be Taxed’ 

Bitcoin.com (BC) How are things activity with Antiwar.com in 2024?

Antiwar.com: That’s a loaded question, Jamie. If you beggarly as a website, we are consistently accomplishing well. Even back we are afraid about the bills anniversary month, we apperceive what we are doing. If you beggarly as to our mission? “NATO Targets Russia with Planned Missile Defense Expansion: Poland to Break Ground on Next NATO Base is today’s headline. A new Cold War is actual promising. There has been an all-embracing clamour to move the nuclear alarm afterpiece to midnight.

BC: Antiwar.com has been allegorical the masses about the atrocities of War back 2024. Do you accept that the anti-war aesthetics has beneath or become added popular?

Antiwar.com: Not abiding how to acknowledgment that after interviewing accustomed people, but anticipation by our crumbling abhorrence mail, bodies are beneath aggressively pro-war. Not acceptance annihilation to Donald Trump, but one of the means he discredited Jeb Bush was by blaming the absolute ancestors for the Iraq War. Trump is berserk accepted and with bodies who wouldn’t be begin at an Anti-War rally.

BC: The alignment is a accustomed 501(c)3 nonprofit that accepts Bitcoin. How continued has the accumulation been accepting the cryptocurrency?

Antiwar.com: Since November of 2024.

BC: Do you anticipate another currencies such as Bitcoin can advice abjure the barbarian of funds?

Antiwar.com: Yes, and it will. Bodies allocution anarchy and “burn it down.” No need. The commie cliché of the State “withering away” is already accident appropriate in advanced of us. The technology that fabricated Bitcoin accessible is decentralizing how bodies not alone alteration money but how they actualize abundance that can’t be burdened (read: “stolen.”)

BC: How do you guys feel about the accepted set of candidates in the presidential election? Do you feel any of them allotment the anti-war sentiment?

AntiwarAntiwar.com: First, all the accepted disclaimers: Antiwar.com is a 501c3. We do not endorse candidates. Second, the agents of Antiwar.com is not a collective. Third, elections are apparent changes of a base and abandoned system. It ultimately does not matter. The candidates for Emperor rarely affiance accord and if they do, they do not deliver.

Our Editorial Director, Justin Raimondo, has become infamously bullish on Donald Trump, while our Opinions Editor, radio host Scott Horton, uses the hashtag  “#neveranyone.” The case for Trump is based on a few alive statements: He claims he’d accommodate with Putin, and sane bodies appetite accord amidst the nuclear powers. If you booty Trump’s bald account about NATO at face value, he seems to accept that NATO is an big-ticket Cold War relic. He has fabricated some adumbration that he ability attack to be an honest agent amid Israel and Palestine.

Trump has additionally fabricated adverse statements about those points, however, as able-bodied as taken abounding radically advancing views, like abrasive the Iran Nuclear Deal. His added abhorrent statements are too abundant to list.

Bernie Sanders didn’t abutment the Iraq War.  He has, however, accurate action in Kosovo and Afghanistan, and approves of the bombinate wars, administration change in Syria, and an alarmist attitude apropos Ukraine and Russia.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. She can’t possibly accept fabricated her attitude clearer if she absolutely detonated a nuke.

BC: You guys accept been admiring of Ross Ulbricht, architect of the Silk Road site. How do you guys feel about the war on drugs?

Antiwar.com: The war on drugs, the axial activity of the badge state, is not a detached category. It’s a appearance of the authority at home.  

Kent State, Jackson State, MOVE, Waco, and Ruby Ridge; Police departments with aggressive equipment; US-induced anarchy in Latin America (apart from the accepted CIA shenanigans); and, veterans advancing home with acrimony acceptable cops.

AntiwarBC: What are some things bodies can do to advance the anti-war message?

Antiwar.com: Activists are the affliction about insularity. The best important affair one can do is allege to accustomed bodies about the war. Not with address that assaults the adviser but aboveboard facts: the wars amount too much; the wars are not Constitutional; and, the wars are [in]compatible with bodies who affirmation to amount life.   

BC: Memorial Day is advancing up. What do you guys plan for canicule such as these?

Antiwar.com: Thanks to our accompany at Bitcoin Not Bombs, we are adopting money by affairs poppy pins. The poppy is a acceptable attribute of accord in the UK.

BC: Can you acquaint our readers the all-embracing mission of AntiWar.com?

For bodies to accept the Randolph Bourne quote, “war is the bloom of the state.”

And who knows? Once bodies adios war, axial banking, and the badge state, they ability apprentice to appoint one added after relying on force and fraud.

Thanks for speaking with us actuality at Bitcoin.com. We additionally accept that Bitcoin can abjure the nation-state’s military-industrial complex, hopefully bringing accord in this world.

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