Ex-JP Morgan Executive tells CEO to: “STFU about Bitcoin”

Ex-JP Morgan Executive tells CEO to: “STFU about Bitcoin”

THELOGICALINDIAN - Earlier this anniversary CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon alleged Bitcoin a artifice ExJP Morgan controlling Alex Gurevich brash the accepted CEO to STFU about Bitcoin

Bitcoin a fraud?

In a contempo appointment in New York the accepted CEO of the cyberbanking close JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, called the cryptocurrency Bitcoin a “fraud”. According to Dimon:

He additionally added:

The bang-up of Americas better coffer additionally said that he would blaze any JP Morgan banker that traded with Bitcoin. After the account about Dimon’s comments emerged, the cryptocurrency bazaar reacted with a acrid amount abatement of Bitcoin from $4700 to today’s $3571. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin additionally absent cogent value.

Shortly afterwards Dimon’s comments, an Ex-JP Morgan executive, Alex Gurevich, tweeted about Dimon’s comments and told him to “STFU about trading $BTC”. Gurevich’s cheep accustomed a lot of absorption from the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin association worldwide.

Many analysts and experts in the cryptocurrency association accept that the accepted Bitcoin bazaar isn’t a fraud, and some alike accept that the accepted appraisal of Bitcoin is still too low.

Many Bitcoin investors and believers anticipate that Bitcoin is not in a balloon state. Yesterday, the acclaimed architect of McAfee Antivirus, John McAfee, said in a TV account that Bitcoin is NOT a fraud. He explained:

There acutely is no agnosticism that the Bitcoin appraisal was afflicted by all these comments, but there are abounding analysts who accept that this is a all-important amount alteration afterwards the desperate amount accession that Bitcoin had beforehand this year.

What are your thoughts on Jamie Dimon’s comments about Bitcoin? Do you anticipate that Bitcoin is a artifice and a bubble? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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