Mint Bot Allows Telegram Users to Tip People in Chat Rooms With Any SLP Token

Mint Bot Allows Telegram Users to Tip People in Chat Rooms With Any SLP Token

THELOGICALINDIAN - A software developer afresh launched a new Simple Ledger Protocol SLP angled bot for Telegram chats that allows anyone to tip any SLP badge appliance the appliance The developer and Reddit user Maxwell10206 appear the belvedere on Monday and bodies can accompany the Mint SLP Telegram babble accumulation to apprentice added about the bots functionality

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SLP tokens are absolutely accepted these canicule and the protocol’s basement and third-party abutment accept grown robust over the aftermost 12 months. Just recently, launched the latest adaptation of the Wallet and it offers abounding abutment for SLP tokens. Additionally, a developer and Reddit user alleged u/Maxwell10206 afresh revealed a new Telegram angled bot that allows users to accelerate any blazon of SLP badge to bodies in babble rooms. chatted with the developer who calls himself Max and he told us his aggregation was aggressive to “make it easier for users to accept their own SLP angled bot after accepting to address a distinct band of code.” “We appetite to get acknowledgment from the association to abide convalescent the bot’s user acquaintance and abacus features,” Max told on Tuesday. “We are additionally cerebration of abacus the bot to altered messaging platforms such as Discord.”

Since the announcement, the Mint SLP Telegram group has aggregate almost 60 associates and a cardinal of bodies are testing the bot’s angled features. The bot is alleged Mint Bot and the developers created an SLP badge alleged Mint which can be acclimated with the bot. In the babble room, users are actuality angled with the Mint badge and Max has been angled newcomers with the bread as well. Our newsdesk absitively to accord the Mint Bot a analysis to see the bot’s functionality and the account of commands. In adjustment to collaborate with the bot you artlessly accept a clandestine or absolute bulletin with Mint Bot and it greets you by saying:

“Hello, I am Mint Bot — I am an SLP badge angled bot — Here is a account of my commands.” The bot’s commands are agnate to added Telegram angled bots and the Twitter angled bot Tippr. Commands accommodate “default” which lists the Mint token’s ID and “deposit,” which gives you an SLP abode in adjustment to amount tokens. The command “whitelist” with a badge name or badge ID typed as able-bodied will allure Mint Bot to your Telegram accumulation and add any SLP badge for users to tip with. Simply accounting and entering “whitelist” by itself will appearance a account of whitelisted tokens.

If you appetite to tip a user with an SLP badge afterwards you accept deposited tokens into the bot’s address, artlessly acknowledgment to addition user’s bulletin and blazon “tip” with the token’s name and the bulk you ambition to give. Additionally, if you bulletin the bot anon and blazon “balance,” the bot will account your antithesis and appearance all the tokens you own. Typing “withdraw” will acquiesce you to accelerate tokens to addition SLP abode but you are appropriate to add the badge ID, amount, and forwarding SLP abode with the command. The SLP bot Max created is adequately simple to use if you accept leveraged a angled bot in the past. If not, you will charge to apprehend the account of commands and analysis them out with the bot in a absolute bulletin conversation. Back talked with Max he explained that the belvedere uses bitcoin banknote to pay the arrangement fee back addition makes an SLP badge withdrawal.

“No BCH is appropriate for the user to withdraw,” Max said. “We pay the costs, but the bot does acquire donations to advice pay for those costs as able-bodied as server costs to host the bot.”

Max explained that his brother was active in allowance body the new Mint Bot and a lot of acclaim goes to him as well. He additionally acclaimed that appropriate now, the bot is bankrupt antecedent and they will booty accessible antecedent into application in the future. “The bot is careful — We are assured in its security, but aloof as addition would use Coinbase or addition careful account they should alone abundance the bulk they appetite to use,” Max stressed. The developer added:

The Telegram SLP angled bot Max and his brother created was able-bodied accustomed on the Reddit appointment r/btc the day he appear the launch. One user commented that the developers should apparatus the bot with the Matrix/Riot agent account and said the Telegram-like appliance is “picking drive bound and it has an API for bots.” The Mint Bot follows the SLP angled bot that tips aroma tokens (SPICE) and is acclimated in assorted Telegram babble rooms. Additionally, there’s the Button Wallet bot tested aftermost May that leverages bitcoin banknote (BCH), but doesn’t abutment SLP tokens. With the adeptness to use any SLP token, Max and his brother’s new Mint Bot is one of a kind.

What do you anticipate about the new SLP badge angled bot? Let us apperceive what you anticipate about this accountable in the comments area below.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, Fair use, Pixabay,, the SLP Mint Telegram babble allowance (names obscured), Mint Bot, Jamie Redman, and the Reddit Forum r/btc.

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