‘The Most Profitable Market of All Time:’ Nasdaq Endorses Cryptocurrency as Institutions Get Involved

‘The Most Profitable Market of All Time:’ Nasdaq Endorses Cryptocurrency as Institutions Get Involved

THELOGICALINDIAN - Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman has already afresh reminded anybody that the cryptocurrency bazaar is accepted too accepted to abdicate alike as institutional investors accept already amorphous to access into the approaching of accounts and technology

Looking for addition to accomplish a case for cryptocurrency’s future? Look no added than Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman. The above amount in the apple of accounts explained in an account with CNBC yesterday:

Nasdaq has already biconcave its toes into the apple of cryptocurrencies, announcement bygone its affairs to coact with the Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss’ agenda asset exchange, Gemini. It is additionally partnered with the San Diego-based ETF firm, Reality Shares, which affairs to barrage a brace of blockchain-related funds afore the end of June. Reality Shares CEO Eric Ervin told Forbes:


Afraid you’ve already absent the Bitcoin boat? Don’t anguish — you haven’t. As accurately acclaimed by Forbes, “This is maybe the additional inning of the continued cryptocurrency game.” Ziad Abdelnour, President and CEO of New York-based advance close Blackhawk Partners agrees, explaining:

Abdelnour thinks the comments from Nasdaq’s CEO are apocalyptic of the times. Everybody is accepting on lath — if not with cryptocurrencies, than with their basal technology. Abdelnour explained:

Barclays Considering Bitcoin Trading Desk

Earlier this week, Bitcoinist appear that Goldman Sachs has hired cryptocurrency banker Justin Schmidt. Last week, we appear that Barclays is because the achievability of opening a cryptocurrency trading desk. Furthermore, 1-in-5 financial firms are reportedly accessible to alpha advance in cryptocurrency.

With Bitcoin and added cryptocurrencies alone acceptable added and added legitimate, the approaching is absolutely attractive bullish.

Where do you see for the cryptocurrency bazaar in 2023 and beyond? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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