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Blockchain Book "Chasing Casascius" is the most advanced book launch in history, and is selling out fast

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Chasing Casascius is a photobook and that uses bitcoin and associated analogue in its adventure about a “Block Explorer” gluttonous an “orphaned block” depicted as a Casascius Gold Plated Bar.

Casascius Gold Argent Bars are attenuate concrete bitcoins created by Mike Caldwell. Purchasers of the book are entered into a third affair raffle for the gold argent bar. It is no accompaniment that the aggressive book itself represents the gold accepted for blockchain technology and has garnered so abundant abutment in the bitcoin community, with accumulation buys rapidly basic on assorted online forums anon afterwards launch.

No amount has been absolved in authoritative this beheld admiration the best technologically avant-garde book barrage in history. Aside from the alien locales photographed and the attenuate Casascius Gold Bar, the book is angry to Counterparty assets and leverages the bitcoin ecosystem for buying tracking and charity.

According to the website and break from the author, book sales abide alone until the halving at bitcoin block 420,000, predicted to action in early-mid July.

Despite sales occurring anon on the Chasing Casascius website, accumulation buys about the apple are basic application bitcoin escrow agents, added highlighting the charge to application the bitcoin ecosystem to its fullest.

At this rate, this book will be in collections, on coffee tables, and in the lobby’s of blockchain bunch affiliate firms for years to come!

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