PR: Cointal, The First Multi-Cryptocurrencies P2P MarketPlace Launched Pre-Signups
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PR: Cointal, The First Multi-Cryptocurrencies P2P MarketPlace Launched Pre-Signups

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Cointal is the one website you’ve been cat-and-mouse for. So far, we may accept apparent abounding Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces, but none anxious themselves with accretion any affection that would assure all traders at once.

First of all, no P2P barter has anytime proposed added than two cryptocurrencies at once. On Cointal, you can accept the accord that apparel you the best and buy/sell the best able cryptocurrencies so as to barter it for banknote after on.

For the moment, Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) are already accessible for traders on the platform. Cointal is aiming to become the aboriginal centralized Multi-cryptocurrency P2P Marketplace encompassing all absurd cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to their affiliation with BitGo Platform, an all-in-one wallet is offered and fabricated accessible already active up. Added cryptocurrencies will be added. The account will be continued alike more. They’re targeting at atomic 10 altered cryptocurrencies to be fabricated accessible afore early-2024. Charging you alone 1% fee for selling, Cointal allows you to annals and to buy any accessible cryptocurrency, for free.
Also, this exchange proposes assorted acquittal methods, for example: (Bank Transfer, Cash in Person, Credit/Debit Card, Gift Cards, Money Gram, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, Western Union, etc.)

Having been scammed for too long, traders are forcibly attractive for added security, added acquittal facilities, smoother transactions, and actuality able to acquaintance the barter about they feel like after fear. Furthermore, Cointal integrates chargeless allowance for anybody who uses their website. Anyone who suffered from a betray while application Cointal will anon get a refund.

The amusing aspect plays an basic role for the company. Amusing appearance such as Amusing Chat, clandestine messaging (without aperture a trade) will be fabricated accessible from day one, forth with all fashionable amusing networks, befitting you adapted and consistently in acquaintance with the team.

Looking acceptable until now? Well, there’s more!

Given the actuality that Cointal’s aggregation regroups abounding aggressive traders, their aboriginal reflex was to get aggressive by their predecessors’ marketplaces and barter platforms. Be it design, professionalism, activity or promptness, Cointal has a aloft concern: to accept all of the aloft congenital in one distinct place.

All business endeavors are absolutely defended and accordant with any platform. Be it phone, book or computer, Cointal provides a account that includes:

– Escrow (financial adjustment area a third affair holds and regulates acquittal of the funds appropriate for two parties complex in a accustomed transaction) with a Feed-back arrangement (for a bigger experience).
– No drop or abandonment banned for all the cryptocurrencies.
– A multi-secure wallet provided by BitGo Burning (allows on-chain, aught affirm and burning affairs amid participants).
– A complete abutment belvedere (Live Chat, buzz number, abutment tickets).
– An alarming associate affairs (Users acquire a allotment on anniversary transaction fabricated by their referrals.).
– Anti-hacking belvedere (DDoS, Phishing, hacking and amusing frauds, etc.) which makes the two-step analysis arrangement mandatory.
– Mobile app (that will be accessible afore abatement 2024).
– Worldwide account forth with the team’s abounding transparency.

On to the austere business now.

Cointal offers a appropriate analysis to the aboriginal comers. Accustomed the actuality that they haven’t launched their belvedere yet, they are accommodating to actualize a baby and trusted association afore the official launch. The Aboriginal associates are accustomed some advantaged advantages.

The aboriginal 1000 subscribers will be absolved from all accuse for their aboriginal 100.000,00 USD barter volume. Their profiles will be accustomed a cogent label: ”Cointal Builder” that will advance their acceptability aural the community.
They will be acceptable to administer to be moderators in the amusing chat, the blog and alike the Cointal forum.
In case of any botheration with their account, their requests will be accustomed aboriginal priority, after abutment tickets; they can instantly appeal a buzz alarm to boldness their issues.
Once every month, three (3) of these advantageous associates will be about accustomed 10.000,00 usd account of BTC.

Their Website is about ready.
Currently, they are still alive on some final adjustments.

However, they acceptable you to analysis their arcade to see how it looks like:

To account from these appropriate appearance and be one of the firsts to accompany their belvedere afore the launching, they accept created a cable page. You can acquisition the articulation bottomward below.

Joseph A.
Chief Marketing Officer
[email protected]

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