PR: Connectius Using Blockchain to Change the E-Commerce Market
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PR: Connectius Using Blockchain to Change the E-Commerce Market

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November 5 saw the barrage of the ICO for Connectius, a activity that intends to use blockchain to change the e-commerce market.

Connectius is a blockchain-based SaaS band-aid for e-commerce. The capital affair that the activity addresses is the charge to access accuracy in e-commerce transactions, and it allows companies to abatement their e-commerce-related losses due to the accomplishments of backbiting barter during chargebacks or cardless affairs through the use of acute contracts.

The account can be chip into any retail belvedere to lower costs and access aegis for all of the ecosystem’s participants: consumers of appurtenances and services, who abode orders aural the system; suppliers, who accommodate these appurtenances and services; and arbitrators, who boldness complicated situations amid added users.

“According to analysis findings, in 2024 about 8% of e-commerce assets was absent to counterfeit activity, and about 40% of all attempted affairs did not aftereffect in purchases,” says Sergey Nosikov, Connectius co-founder and CTO, an IT and telecom able with 15 years of experience. “Our ambition is to accompany bottomward these abstracts to accomplish the accomplished industry added open, secure, and benign for all the bazaar players.”

Work on Connectius began aback in 2024. The aboriginal Connectius-based adaptable app, Connectius Experts, has already been developed. Using geolocation and acute matching, the app offers users a sorted account of bodies and organizations accessible to advertise the account they need.

The aggregation intends to advance the activity by administering an ICO, during which they plan to accession $31 million. The funds will be put against added artefact development.

Connectius tokens (CNT) will become a accepted average for all affairs aural the system. It will be acclimated as a agency of amount barter for acquittal not aloof aural the system, but additionally in apps based on the Connectius platform. This agency that ICO participants will be able to use tokens to acquirement specific appurtenances and casework from suppliers accommodating in the system. The amount of appurtenances and casework will be accustomed in US dollars, which will be anon adapted into tokens by an alien service.

“Our CNT tokens are not a security, cryptocurrency, or agency for speculation. Rather, tokens are an aspect of our arrangement that will be bare by all participants in these relationships,” explains Vasily Kozlov, Connectius architect and CEO, a blockchain enthusiast who has founded several companies. “The team’s ambition is to ensure the affluence and aegis of appurtenances barter through the use of CNT tokens.”

Before November 15 tokens can be purchased at a 15% discount, and through November 20 the abatement will be 10%. Fundraising will abide through December 20.
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