PR: Contentos Launches Public Content Chain
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PR: Contentos Launches Public Content Chain

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Contentos (COS) hosted its ‘Mastering your adroitness with COS’ accident at Andaz Hotel in Tokyo as allotment of a all-around tour. The accident admiring above industry executives, including LiveMe CEO Yuki, Ontology architect Li Jun, Danhua Capital accomplice Selina, COS cofounder Mick, Blockshine COO Daniel Zhang, Binance Labs Director Lin, DAD Japan arch Leslie Wu, PhotoGrid arch of articles Angela, and Cheez arch of operations Wang Xinyuang. The appointment additionally admiring dozens of blockchain enthusiasts from all beyond Japan, including bounded university students, blockchain developers, and blockchain entrepreneurs, to apprentice and bigger accept how COS is designing its approaching ecology.

COS cofounder Mick kicked off the accident with a keynote accent on the landing and ecological architecture of COS applications. Mick declared that COS is committed to architecture the world’s best all-encompassing accessible alternation for agenda agreeable with the ambition of accumulation the amount of all-around agreeable and abiding artistic buying and amount to creators and their communities. COS will finer break the better affliction credibility that accept been afflictive the agreeable industry. Independent agreeable creators are clumsy to advantage their assignment while agreeable platforms and imitators accept best of the benefits, putting the agreeable industry in a abandoned amphitheater of absorb contravention and demonetization. COS will use blockchain technology to break this industry problem.

Mick additionally declared that agreeable creators, platforms and users accept not yet accomplished the ideal antithesis as it relates to the administration of allowances and profits, a absoluteness that has contributed to the industry’s turmoil. It is accepted for bureau and arrangement admiral to acquire added allowances from artistic agreeable than the absolute creators. Even high-quality agreeable can be difficult to monetize in a fair address for absolute creators. Due to abounding agreeable platforms’ caliginosity and advice asymmetry, it has been difficult to agreement creators with their own interests.

Additionally, ascent antagonism in the agreeable industry is banishment platforms to pay premiums for bookish acreage and absolute content, abrogation beneath amount to be anesthetized on to the boilerplate creator. The top percentile of accepted creators abide to acquire best of the allowances while absolute creators struggle, a abandoned aeon that has yet to be broken. The adage that “Content is King” has echoed beyond the industry for a continued time but affection agreeable cannot be created after bringing the amount aback to creators. Because of agee information, agreeable creators can alone articulation their doubts but it can be difficult to verify any claims. While blockchain is a amount and assurance network, its broadcast balance ensures that the administration and buying of agreeable can not be tampered, which can agreement the interests of the creators to the greatest extent.

In this afflicted landscape, COS will accompany a new beachcomber of anarchy to the absolute agenda agreeable industry but COS isn’t aloof for creators. For platforms and advertisers, participation, accord and addition can additionally become added fair and cellophane in the COS ecosystem. “We charge to serve the absolute agenda agreeable industry, whether it’s creators, platforms or advertisers, to aerate the benefits,” said Mick on the future.

Taking into annual the massive all-around burning of agenda content, COS proposed the iBFT accord algorithm, which enables anniversary bulge to automatically about-face amid accord methods based on the network’s transaction aggregate and ability utilization.

This allows the transaction validation acceleration to be bargain to beneath than 3 seconds, and TPS added to added than 2,000 back added throughput is needed.

Following Mick’s keynote, Angela, the artefact administrator of COS accomplice PhotoGrid, alien how PhotoGrid will redefine the amount of agreeable by amalgam with the COS accessible chain. PhotoGrid is one of the world’s arch photo alteration apps with 40 actor account alive users and added than 360 actor app downloads. The addition of the COS canyon arrangement additional user activity in the PhotoGrid community, with abounding users motivated to aftermath and allotment high-quality aboriginal content, which additionally abundantly bigger user retention. Through the affiliation with PhotoGrid, COS can broadcast in the PhotoGrid ecosystem and absolutely apparatus blockchain technology to bigger serve the agreeable industry.

Short video accomplice Cheez was additionally abutting the accident in Tokyo. Wang Xinyuan, arch of operations of Cheez, alien the app which is frequently referred to as the “American adaptation of TikTok” and has tens of millions of account alive users globally. Its agreeable advantages accommodate collaborations with several top influencers and takes the advance in the abbreviate video space. By affiliation with the COS ecosystem, users can acquire COS by watching, sharing, and announcement abbreviate videos, amid abounding added incentivized actions.

“Using COS to actuate users on the belvedere is both beginning and fun,” says Wang Xinyuan. The addition of COS to body a new agreeable allurement arrangement has generated absorption amid agreeable creators and users. Top assuming agreeable creators get added COS rewards and users get COS rewards for administration the content, a action that is accretion user stickiness. In the aboriginal ages alone, Cheez angled its cardinal of downloads and account alive users.

COS has partnered and chip with three all-around agreeable platforms, which shows that COS is a agreeable accessible alternation with absolute bartering value. Agreeable platforms such as LiveMe (live streaming), Cheez (short video), and PhotoGrid (photo sharing) are about-face the amount of agreeable through COS. The affiliation with several high-quality agreeable platforms will prove to the apple that the COS accessible alternation technology has been accustomed by arch agreeable platforms, the all-around bazaar is optimistic about the amount of COS, and added and added high-quality agreeable platforms are accommodating with COS.

The accident additionally hosted media attendees from the blockchain industry and acceptable adventure basic circles. Blockchain media including Cointelegraph, 36 Krypton, Geek Park, White Whale Going Out Sea, Golden Finance, Sanyan Finance, COINVOICE, and Woman’s Block Chain additionally alternate in the accident and aggregate their able opinions. At the end of the meeting, the globally-renowned blockchain advertisement Cointelegraph conducted an on-site account with COS co-founder Mick as allotment of a alternation of letters featuring COS as a able all-around blockchain project.

The all-around bout additionally accustomed all-embracing media advantage from Reuters, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, and added accurate boilerplate media in a appropriate address about agenda agreeable accessible alternation COS

Reuters, NASDAQ and added media appear on COS
The accident was abounding of big names, including experts from the blockchain and agreeable industries. Li jun, architect of ontology; Selina, accomplice of Danhua capital; Daniel Zhang, arch operating administrator of Blockshine; Ella Zhang, arch controlling administrator of Binance Labs; and added guests additionally took the date to allotment their activity adventures and affairs for the approaching of the blockchain industry. The guests showed abundant absorption in the agreeable anatomy of agenda agreeable accessible chain.

The all-around blockchain bazaar is apprenticed by capital, which is abundantly because the industry lacks complete development mechanisms. On the one hand, the blockchain industry’s accepted bearings cannot accommodated the accretion demands for accustomed assembly and burning beyond all industries. On the added hand, the advice architectonics of the agreeable industry is convalescent day by day, while the ability of acceptable infrastructures lag behind. The absolute industry presents an aberrant development accompaniment of apparent growth, which will crave anybody to move advanced with acutely authentic goals.

COS will abide to accompany connected advance and strive to acknowledgment the blockchain industry to its aspect and rationality. And anon after, the COS will abide to clean agreeable amount coordinates and barrage multi-city speaking panels. In the booming blockchain market, COS is arch the industry to accomplish absolute changes.

“We angle now and attending to the future, and the approaching is now.”

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