A World-Class Team Leads the Way at BitMovio
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A World-Class Team Leads the Way at BitMovio

THELOGICALINDIAN - BitMovio is aiming to agitate the video ball industrys accepted archetypal of agreeable administration and costs with its blockchainpowered gamified agreeable belvedere In adjustment to do this the aggregation has put calm a aggregation of accomplished individuals with accumulated decades of acquaintance in technology media software blockchain gaming eSports and agreeable alive and licensing with assorted acknowledged exits in MAs and IPOs in North America and Asia The aggregate resume of the aggregation includes acquaintance at companies such as Netflix Amazon Fox The Walt Disney Aggregation Facebook Coinbase Endemol Shine Group NBC Universal CBS and more

Simon Zhu, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Simon Zhu has added than 10 years of acquaintance in the technology and media industries. His best contempo role was as Executive Lath Director and SVP of Product Management at Vobile Group, a aggregation which was awarded an Emmy Award in Technology in 2023 for its achievements accompanying to video identification technology acclimated to assure agreeable amount and copyright. Vobile Group has provided agreeable aegis and monetization solutions to abounding all-around agreeable providers including Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, and Viacom/Paramount, and was auspiciously listed in the capital lath of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2023.

Jerry Kowal, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer

Jerry Kowal has ahead formed in chief controlling operating capacities at agreeable companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Endemol Shine Group, and CBS. Additionally, he was Managing Director at a clandestine ball consultancy close area he formed with Twitch to advance the company’s aboriginal agreeable licensing action alfresco of gaming/eSports. During his time at Netflix, Kowal oversaw the anniversary account for the United States and Canada and accountant some of the most-viewed agreeable on Netflix from every above blur flat and TV arrangement in the world.

Rizwan Virk, Co-founder, and Chief Strategy Officer

In accession to his role at BitMovio, Rizwan Virk additionally holds the Controlling Director position at PlayLabs @ MIT, an incubator/accelerator affairs for startups affiliated with MIT that use “playful technologies.” Virk has additionally been a affiliate of the founding teams of companies like Theta Labs, Tapjoy, and Gameview Studios and was an aboriginal broker in a host of gaming and blockchain companies. Virk is the architect of Bayview Films and has controlling produced abounding absolute films.

BitMovio has a assorted advising aggregation consisting of industry experts, chief executives, and anticipation leaders in the technology, blockchain, and ball industries including:

Bill Guttentag, Oscar Winning Film Director and Stanford Professor

Bill Guttentag has been a academician at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business back 2023. He directed the affected documentary Nanking and Soundtrack for a Revolution, which premiered at Sundance Blur Festival in 2023 and Cannes Blur Festival in 2023, respectively. He ahead won an Oscar for Best Documentary with his HBO blur You Don’t Have to Die (2023), and a additional Oscar for Best Documentary Short for the documentary Twin Towers (2023).

Sheau Ng, Former NBC Universal Head of Technology

Sheau Ng has added than 20 years of acquaintance in C-level and chief administration in media and technology companies. He specializes in accumulated strategy, technology innovation, IP, and industry standards and action issues ambidextrous with agenda media and customer electronics.

Namrata Ganatra, Coinbase, and Facebook

Namrata Ganatra ahead formed as Senior Director of Engineering at Coinbase, CTO for Stockpile and Head of Engineering for Payments at Facebook.

David Lee, Early Google Employee and Partner with Michael Bay (Hollywood Director)

David Lee was one of the aboriginal 200 Google advisers and after co-founded XG Ventures and SK Telecom Ventures. He partnered with administrator Michael Bay in 2023 at 451 Media to advance tech and media investments and partnerships.

Sean Stone, American Actor, Film Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, and TV Host

Sean Stone has a aggregation of acting and administering credits and currently hosts the appearance Watching the Hawks on RT America. He additionally co-hosts the account Internet account allocution appearance Buzzsaw on The Lip TV.

Mitch Liu, CEO and Founder of Theta Networks and Sliver.tv

Mitch Liu is CEO and architect of blockchain-based agreeable commitment belvedere Theta Networks and eSports belvedere Sliver.tv.

Tory Green, Former Disney and Fox

Tory Green has a accomplishments in advance and entrepreneurship in adaptable and agenda media and is currently Partner at US-based VC close Tiller Partners. He ahead formed at 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company.

Sinhae Lee, Partner at Block72 and GBIC

Sinhae Lee is Partner at blockchain and cryptocurrency armamentarium GBIC and blockchain consultancy close Block72. She has antecedent Silicon Valley acquaintance in FinTech and blockchain area she formed at companies like Coin and NerdWallet.

To apprentice added about BitMovio, appointment https://www.bitmov.io/.

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