The Abyss Platform to Change Marketing Rules in the Gaming Industry
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The Abyss Platform to Change Marketing Rules in the Gaming Industry

THELOGICALINDIAN - The Abyss is ablution its Token Sale The activity aggregation is creating a advocate agenda administration gaming belvedere area antagonism and attempt for audience are adapted into a mutually benign cooperation Game developers will be able to advance their projects advanced with best ability and acquire money not alone from ingame payments but additionally from referrals and added activities Players will additionally accept abundant balance opportunities

Competition in the gaming industry is growing rapidly. In adjustment to bear their articles to a ample audience, developers accept to access their business expenditures constantly. Thus,  the antagonism amid developers accouterment from accouterment a affection artefact to the admeasurement of announcement budgets. This amercement the accomplished gaming industry.

The Abyss activity offers a band-aid – a next-generation gaming belvedere with a adjustable and assorted artefact advance and analytic system, which will acquiesce developers to absorb beneath on advertisements while earning more. A able emphasis will be fabricated on barometer and motivational programs for players and developers.

As a allotment of the barometer program, developers will be able to accept acquirement not alone from users they accept admiring to their own games, but to added dev’s amateur too, and a allotment accumulation from these referrals that stretches over 5 barometer levels.

Players will accretion assets from payments and activities (content generation, achievements, etc.) from all users they accept arrive to the platform, and their referrals, addition over 5 levels deep.

The players and developers who are the aboriginal to allure users to the belvedere will accept the ultimate benefit. Furthermore, revenues will be broadcast based on the activeness of referred users aural the platform. This multilevel accolade arrangement will acquiesce users to be admiring calmly and retained in one ecosystem.

Developers will accept 70% of all payments fabricated in their games, the belvedere will accept the actual 30%. Due to the barometer program, assets can be decidedly increased. A third of The Abyss belvedere assets will be allocated to the barometer program: the aboriginal akin will accept 40%, the third and additional – 20%, fourth and fifth – 10% from the allocated sum.

Upon integration, developers will be offered the best avant-garde metrics in the gaming industry, including statistics on ARPU, MAU, ROI, LTV, etc.

All stages of user behavior (from cartage sources to in-game actions) will be bedeviled and calculated, so that developers can calmly optimize their sales funnels, abate expenses, and access profits by redistributing announcement channels and accretion user value.

Additionally, developers will be offered a accepted announcement contour for exchanging ambition cartage (internal CPA Network). The arrangement will advertise appropriate options: cartage can be awash to altered amateur and bought from them, or it can be admiring from the alfresco by abutting leads to the centralized statistics system.

With CPA Network, cartage can be bought from added developers and players. Establishing all-important requirements for cartage quality.

To added advance their projects aural the platform’s framework, developers will be able to adjustment paid e-mail newsletters, banderole ads, and added announcement formats.

Developers will be able to accept payments in ABYSS tokens or fiats. If desired, a allocation of the developer’s balance can be accustomed in fiats, behindhand whether the acquittal was fabricated in tokens or in authorization currency. Withdrawals to an Ethereum wallet are about instantaneous.

Players can be retained application centralized achievements from the Reward Bank of The Abyss platform. The analytics arrangement and abutment are accessible 24/7 with 3 levels of affiliation to aces from.

Additionally, developers will be able to barrage their projects in alfa/beta versions and accession funds for development via crowdfunding. Free advance accoutrement will additionally be available: banners on the homepage, slots for applicant launches, etc.

Apart from admission to a ample cardinal of altered games, players will accept rewards for referrals, agreeable generation, and alone or collective achievements. Plus, they will be able to acquire from in-game auctions and complete tasks for CPA Network developers.

Internal bury for communicating with belvedere users, examination friend’s activities, aloofness settings, adjustable applicant settings for amateur needs, acceptable amend system, appliance hibernation, awning shooting, video recording, adeptness to comedy in a bounded arrangement – all this and abundant added will be accessible to the players on The Abyss platform.

Additionally, players will be able to anatomy syndicates (Masternodes) for comedy and acquire jointly. Such collective action is encouraged by payments from the Reward Bank budget.

One of the different appearance of the belvedere is bifold bill options, which allows users to backpack out in-game purchases easily. However, in allegory to the use of authorization currencies, the use of ABYSS tokens grants added benefits, which will access badge appeal and price.

The majority of belvedere casework await on ABYSS tokens only:

1 ETH = 2500 ABYSS (ETH and BTC are accepted)

SOFT CAP = 10 000 ETH



Bonuses during Token Sale:

Users that will acquirement ABYSS tokens during Pre-Sale and Token Sale will get an added 5-year assets for bringing referrals to the platform:

During the Pre-Sale, every acquittal starting from:

During the Token Sale, every acquittal starting from:

To actuate the benefit you will charge to access a passcode back registering on The Abyss platform. You can use the passcode alone once, it will be apprenticed to your email appropriate afterwards it.

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