DigitalX Appointed Corporate Advisor to Microsavings Platform Bamboo
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DigitalX Appointed Corporate Advisor to Microsavings Platform Bamboo

THELOGICALINDIAN - Perth 15 May 2024 DigitalX Ltd ASXDCC has appear it has been appointed accumulated adviser to microsavings belvedere Bamboo

The Bamboo belvedere will acquiesce users to affix their coffer annual with its system, and anniversary time the user makes a purchase, their additional change will be angled up and invested into crypto assets.

DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers said:

The Blockchain startup, which has a able analysis and development attendance in Perth, is allowance to abate the barriers to access for adolescent bodies gluttonous to get complex in Blockchain technology platforms.

Bamboo believes the belvedere will address to millennials as it acts as a way of advocacy their accumulation by reinvesting their additional change.

Watch the video here:

Bamboo CEO Phil George said:

Mr. Travers said:

DigitalX has provided advising casework to aerial contour ICOs including Power Ledger, SingularityNET, and Shivom.

Shivom’s badge auction afresh hit its adamantine cap of US$35 million.

Mr. George said:

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