Exclusive NFT Ice Hockey Tokens: A Large-Scale Project Called KHL.cards Launches on the Binance NFT Marketplace
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Exclusive NFT Ice Hockey Tokens: A Large-Scale Project Called KHL.cards Launches on the Binance NFT Marketplace

THELOGICALINDIAN - KHLcards will be the aboriginal largescale activity that connects the hockey and cryptocurrency industries Digital asset enthusiasts and sports admirers will be able to acquirement KHLs absolute NFT cards acquire centralized tokens through staking and become players in the aboriginal sports arrangement on GameFi

22 September 2021. The Block-chain.com holding, the creators of the KHL.cards NFT activity operating beneath the authorization from the Kontinental Hockey League, is arising NFT hockey cards alone on the Binance NFT marketplace, the NFT exchange of the world’s arch blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency basement provider Binance.

Users of the Binance NFT exchange will be able to acquirement the aboriginal accumulation of NFT cards through the Mystery Boxes. The barrage of the Mystery Boxes is appointed for September 27th 2021. 20 altered NFT cards with altered levels of exclusivity will be offered in the anatomy of Mystery Boxes at a anchored amount of 20BUSD.

The plan is to barrage 20 types of cards in the aboriginal batch: anniversary agenda will abduction memorable moments from amateur in a archetypal or activated format. These can be footage from division games, abundant images from sports awards or images of the champions themselves. The NFTs are created based on photos and videos of all KHL teams, including Avangard, Spartak and CSKA. The cards additionally may accommodate images of acclaimed athletes as Sergey Shirokov, Vadim Shipachev, Marko Anttila, Konstantin Okulov and abounding others. Anniversary blazon of agenda will accept its own akin of exclusivity: bronze, silver, gold or platinum. They announce how admired a agenda can be. The college the aberration of the card, the beneath such cards will be issued and the added big-ticket they will be.

Any Binance barter user can participate in the auction of Mystery Box. The Binance NFT Marketplace shares the aforementioned annual arrangement as Binance.com. New users accept to annals on Binance.com to actualize or barter on the Binance NFT platform.

“KHL.cards is a fundamentally new agenda activity from KHL and our partners, Block-chain.com and Binance NFT. KHL agenda assets are not aloof cards assuming memorable hockey moments that can be purchased on the marketplace, they are additionally a accomplished arrangement which you can use to collect, advertise and comedy with. We started alive on this aback in bounce and the capital accouterment was that we would accomplish abiding development in this administration and not aloof advertise NFT cards. This is now a fully-fledged product, at the added stages of which the bold mechanics will be introduced. I achievement it will be accepted by both admirers and the agenda community. I would like to acknowledge the clubs. They accurate the project. We will barrage in stages. Initially, the aboriginal NFT cards will go on auction on one of the better marketplaces in the world, Binance NFT. Then, based on our own KHL.cards system, owners will be able to acquire tokens and win admired prizes. Next year we plan to barrage on GameFi. It is consistently actual absorbing to absolution article new, abnormally back we are at the beginning of agenda technologies and calm with our ally we are able for this,” said Vice President of the KHL Sergey Dobrokhvalov.

“We are captivated to acceptable the aboriginal all-embracing hockey NFT activity on Binance NFT marketplace. Hockey is one of the best accepted sports in the world, with an army of millions of fans” said Helen Hai, the Head of Binance NFT. “We are witnessing groundbreaking innovations arising from the accord of the sports industry and the NFT exchange with the fastest and cheapest solutions powered by Binance blockchain basement and community.”

Furthermore, in the future, it is planned to barrage a exchange for added sales and raffles of NFT cards, as able-bodied as acclimation a accessory market. On the marketplace, KHL NFT agenda holders will be able to acquire centralized tokens on the belvedere through staking. Users will be able to absorb the tokens they get on admission to broadcasts, the best seats for assemblage at matches, and will additionally accept different opportunities not accessible to accustomed fans.

“Hockey admirers and crypto communities allotment similarities. They are communities with a agog absorption in activating processes and affecting victories. We were able to accompany these bodies calm in a fundamentally new ecosystem, to acquaint them to the capabilities provided by NFTs. The abstraction of owning a different and consummate agenda artefact with the appropriate to use it in assorted means is now added accordant than anytime before. This is an absolute affection on the accumulation market, so it is accustomed that bodies about the apple will activate to apprentice added about it. Thanks to our platform, admirers will be able to watch amateur from the commentator’s box, accord “high fives” to hockey players as they access the amphitheatre and abundant more” said Alina Krot, Executive Director of KHL.cards.

In accession to the barrage of abstruseness boxes, the attack appear the barrage of a fully-fledged bold activity for GameFi. This will aggrandize the capabilities of the different NFT cards for their holders. They will be able to not alone aggregate NFTs but additionally to use them for assorted bold mechanics. By accommodating it will additionally accommodate holders with the befalling to accept absolute prizes. As a result, the advocate ‘play-to-earn’ affection will be added for holders, which has already afflicted the gaming industry about the world.

KHL.cards, calm with Binance, are exploring the abeyant for the development of the project’s tokenomics.

* * Staking – acquiescent earnings, in which the user locks their assets for a aeon of time in acknowledgment for rewards.

** ** Mystery box – a closed box absolute an NFT badge with a amount that can be altered to that of the purchased box.


The Kontinental Hockey Alliance (KHL) is an all-embracing sports alliance created for the development of hockey in Russia and added Eurasian countries. The accommodation to actualize the alliance was fabricated in February 2024. In the 2024/2022 season, 24 teams from six countries are demography allotment in the XIV KHL Championship: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia and Finland. Since 2024, aural the framework of the KHL World Games project, KHL championship matches accept been captivated in countries added than those represented by the teams in the league. In accession to the official matches of the KHL World Games in Vienna, Zurich, Davos (two years in a row) and Tallinn, exhibitions accept additionally been captivated in added countries. In particular, the bout of Torpedo and Dynamo Riga in Great Britain in 2024.

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