Expanse Project Offers EXP Token Powered EXP.BONDs
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Expanse Project Offers EXP Token Powered EXP.BONDs

THELOGICALINDIAN - Expanse Project has created a blockchain apparatus which is agnate to accepted banking bonds The blockchain asset EXPBOND is allotment of the anew launched accolade arrangement alleged Expanse Bond Arrangement EBS

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The EXP.BOND is powered by the platform’s EXP crypto tokens. Each EXP.BOND has a anchored amount and a ability period. Upon achievement of the ability period, the band holders will accept rewards in the anatomy of EXP tokens. The accolade arrangement is set in abode to animate investors to authority on to their EXP.BONDs for best durations.

In its press release, Expanse Project’s co-founder and advance developer Christopher Franko said,

The Expanse Band System is currently alms EXP.BONDs at the amount of 100 EXP per asset. These bonds pay a advertisement amount of 1 EXP per ages and accept a ability date set for one year from the time of purchase. Also, EXP.BOND includes a multiplier for every 100 EXP acclimated to buy the bond.

The co-founder and association administrator at Expanse, James Clayton said,

Among the added key features, Expanse Bond System uses acute arrangement based apish staking on blockchain with decentralized accessible antecedent parameters.  The EXP.BONDS are not transferable, but the belvedere allows users investors to allowance them to their ancestors and friends.

Expanse tokens are accessible on some of the arch barter platforms including Poloniex, Bittrex, YoBit and more. Interested investors can acquisition added advice on Expanse’s website.

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