IMMLA Introduced Proof of Concept and Working Functionality of the Pre-Alpha Version of Its Platform
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IMMLA Introduced Proof of Concept and Working Functionality of the Pre-Alpha Version of Its Platform

THELOGICALINDIAN - IMMLApresented Proof of Concept and the ahead appear prealpha adaptation of the platform

[Note: This is a columnist release.]

Proof of Concept is accessible at and shows the assignment of the IMMLA blockchain. External ecology of the IMMLA blockchain is accessible at

“We accept deployed a blockchain on the base of which the IMMLA arrangement will accomplish later. For now, the Proof of Concept functionality already includes the adeptness to abode offers and to action them. The assignment of the IMMLA blockchain can be empiric by the use of ecology of the clandestine network,” said CIO IMMLA Viacheslav Neunyvakin.

The pre-alpha version includes the basal functionality of the IMMLA burden owner, which will be accessible for use in the I division of 2018. In the future, modules will be added to it, advised for the admittance of added participants in the acumen network.

Work with the belvedere starts from the login page. Each actor of the arrangement enters his own login and countersign accustomed during registration.

The application’s interface includes a accepted card that contains orders, requests and some kinds of reports. In the future, the card anatomy will change.

Work in the IMMLA arrangement is based on requests. When creating a new request, the arrangement allows you to baddest the blazon of cargo, its features, baptize the alpha and end credibility of delivery, accommodate allowance and community casework in the adjustment cost.

IMMLA interface

Almost instantly afterwards agreement an adjustment the arrangement selects offers from which it is accessible to accept the best adequate one for the consignor at the price, route, carriage operator, etc. Afterwards selecting the option, it is added to the account of already formed orders, tracking of which can be observed.

IMMLA interface 2

All requests are aggregated into a accumulated list, in which allocation by assorted ambit is possible: number, dates, celerity and destination points, bargain status, price.

Requests, that accept begin the contractor, become orders. The capital anatomic interface contains a account of accepted user orders with the blueprint of anniversary adjustment and a avenue map of burden cartage with the adeptness to clue it online.

Google Maps is acclimated for the IMMLA system, however, added accessible maps that are added accepted in assertive regions (Yandex in the CIS countries, Map World in China, etc.) can be alien into the arrangement if they will abutment acquisition algorithms.

The adjustment table can be advisedly grouped, which makes it easier for users. In addition, the adeptness to consign the account of orders in MS Excel is chip into the system.

You can clue the movement of burden on the map in absolute time. Altered types of commitment are apparent in altered colors. The arrangement provides the adeptness of online tracking of burden in absolute time so that the buyer has the best abreast information. In addition, the consignor is able to access abundant advice about the carriage on which the busline is agitated out, including an almost date of arrival.

IMMLA interface 3

The area of abstracts in the IMMLA interface contains those abstracts that chronicle to the accepted order. The functionality includes the adeptness to upload an added certificate and assurance it with an cyberbanking agenda signature.

IML tokens are “fuel” for the IMMLA system. At the top of the system’s interface, the user’s antithesis in the IML tokens and the agnate in added currencies — ETH, USD, EUR is available. The user can furnish his antithesis and access the cardinal of tokens at the user’s annual settings.

The functionality of the arrangement additionally includes the adeptness to instantly barter letters with both IMMLA arrangement operators and with added users.

During the operation of the system, a ample arrangement of abstracts on busline will be collected, which will acquiesce the addition of analytic accoutrement into the system. In the pre-alpha version, it is implemented in the anatomy of graphs for the types of burden and the cartography of consignors.

Thus, the IMMLA system, alike in the pre-alpha version, is a different IT band-aid for the acumen industry. The use of blockchain, acute affairs central the blockchain and its own tokens for the operation of the arrangement allows IMMLA to decidedly abate the bulk of timing budget, banking and animal assets complex in the busline process. At the aforementioned time, the blockchain provides transparency, security, and aplomb of the participants in the operation of the system.

In the IV division of 2024, ample apple companies will be affiliated to the arrangement testing, and in the I division of 2024 it will assignment in a fully-featured operating mode, gradually accretion due to new modules and functionality.

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