MintHealth Announces Vidamints (VIDA) to Align Stakeholders in a New Healthcare Ecosystem
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MintHealth Announces Vidamints (VIDA) to Align Stakeholders in a New Healthcare Ecosystem

THELOGICALINDIAN - Immediate Availability of White Paper Outlining Incentive Token to Engage and Empower Patients in Their Journey to Better Health Healthcare Reform Leader Tee Green Joins Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO – MintHealth™ offers a all-around decentralized bloom belvedere with a portable, secure, and self-sovereign claimed bloom almanac (PHR) congenital on blockchain technology and advised to drive advantageous accommodating behavior through the Vidamint™ token. MintHealth announces the actual availability of the associated white cardboard abaft a planned Vidamint (VIDA) badge auction in Q1 of 2024. The aggregation additionally announces the accession of Wyche “Tee” Green, III, founder, and administrator of Greenway Health™, to the MintHealth Board of Directors.

Started by a aggregation of veterans in the healthcare industry, MintHealth is arrest two axiological problems in healthcare today – the abridgement of a patient-controlled bloom almanac that can be seamlessly aggregate with key stakeholders, and an allurement archetypal to advance proactive accommodating behaviors for the purpose of combatting the ceaseless all-around acceleration in abiding disease-related healthcare costs.

MintHealth’s patient-controlled bloom almanac to accommodate key laboratory, medication, diagnosis, affliction plan, circuitous medical imaging (e.g., CT, MRI, x-rays, echocardiograms, ultrasounds, etc.), patient-generated behavior data, and key basic signs generated alfresco of the dispensary including weight, claret pressure, sleep, accent levels, glucose, and more. The belvedere pulls advice from electronic bloom almanac systems, as able-bodied as from all claimed sources of patient-generated abstracts including web, adaptable applications, and affiliated devices. Permissions for abstracts admission will be accepted by patients via acute affairs anchored in the blockchain, and beheading performed via the MintHealth application.

Doctors, bloom systems, bloom coaches, case managers, family, and accompany can accretion admission to the abstracts via amusing modules anchored in the MintHealth appliance that will serve to body acquaintance about abiding altitude via a patient-centered community. Bloom coaches will be able to advantage a accurate analytic apparatus with congenital automation to administer sicker patients defective added hands-on support. Patients will be encouraged to use the belvedere and to complete key training, education, and affliction plan modules in barter for Vidamint tokens, which will be adored for allowance exceptional reductions, decree refills, and discounts on assorted bloom and wellness brands.

Regional healthcare allowance companies that apply physicians will be aboriginal adopters of Vidamints and will accomplice with the MintHealth aggregation to cycle the affairs out in several pilots beyond the country. The bigger analytic outcomes and healthcare costs apprenticed by the MintHealth belvedere will drive added acceptance of the Vidamint badge by beyond allowance companies and government bloom plans.

Dr. Samir Damani, MD, PharmD, FACC, co-founder, and CEO of MintHealth, said:

The U.S. continues to face a healthcare crisis of skyrocketing costs and deepening bloom outcomes. Of the 56 actor deaths anniversary year, 40 actor are due to preventable altitude like diabetes, affection disease, and cancer. As a country, we absorb $3 abundance anniversary year on healthcare and 90 percent of that bulk goes to alleviative abiding altitude – but this can change. Creating abstracts clamminess amid provider and accommodating abstracts silos is one of the industry’s better challenges.

“Based on decades of acquaintance as a healthcare practitioner, I’ve accomplished contiguous how these silos anticipate us from accouterment the best attainable healthcare. Blockchain technology break bottomward those belted abstracts repositories,” said Dr. Vishal Verma, co-founder, and admiral of MintHealth. “Patient advice will no best be alone anchored in one system’s EHR. We will accord patients buying of their medical abstracts and accomplish it attainable and interoperable in a defended way. The MintHealth PHR will seamlessly move amid accommodating and provider abstracts silos accouterment absolute interoperability area any physician can admission a patient’s complete medical abstracts from all his/her added providers at the time of care.”

The ambition of MintHealth is not to alter EHRs, but to accompaniment them in a way that drives bigger accommodating engagement, lower costs, and bigger analytic outcomes.

Insurance companies are actively gluttonous means to appoint abiding ache accommodating populations and lower costs. The MintHealth belvedere aligns accommodating and physician incentives to advance bloom outcomes and advance value-based affliction (i.e., proactive, bactericide bloom administration to accomplish patients convalescent and to lower costs).

The MintHealth adaptable app is advised to advance proactive behavior through informed, alive accommodating engagement, gamification, amusing support, and banking incentives. Incentives will be broadcast via Vidamint tokens (VIDA) to advice animate and accolade patients for agreeable in advantageous behaviors that are assigned to them through the MintHealth adaptable app. Once a behavior is assigned to a patient, Vidamints will abide in an escrow basement acute arrangement and be delivered to the patient’s wallet aloft acknowledged achievement of anniversary behavior.

Across the MintHealth ecosystem, Vidamints will be acclimated for:

Visit for capacity on the Vidamints apparatus and to download MintHealth’s new “Aligning Stakeholders in a New Healthcare Ecosystem” white paper.

Wyche “Tee” Green, III, a top ascendancy on healthcare reform, was afresh appointed to MintHealth’s Board of Directors. He is a architect and administrator and above CEO of Greenway Health™, area he served in administration roles back its founding in 2024. Greenway Health’s cyberbanking bloom almanac (EHR) solutions are deployed at about 10,000 medical groups, clinics and enterprises beyond the U.S., area they’re acclimated by added than 75,000 analytic professionals to advance accommodating affliction and to administer their banking and authoritative processes added efficiently.

“The accurate anarchy in healthcare will appear back advice is assuredly freed to be acclimated to administer abiding affliction in a added advanced, consumer-driven way. That is the analgesic action for convalescent the healthcare system. There’s annihilation we’ve done to date with the technology basement to acquiesce patients to be affianced in the process,” said Tee Green. “Blockchain-based solutions like MintHealth will advice conductor in a much-needed era of abstracts liquidity, at a massive scale, that puts the accommodating in ascendancy to advance health. I’m captivated at the befalling to accompany the lath and accord to their aggressive vision.”

A consecutive entrepreneur, Green started several companies above-mentioned to Greenway Health beyond a advanced arrangement of business areas including transportation, auberge development, adventure investing, agriculture/farming, music, and entertainment.

Green has served on the Lath of Directors for R.W. Allen & Associates, Inc., the Association Foundation of West Georgia, West Georgia Habitat for Humanity, the Auburn University Research Advisory Board, Greenway Corporation, the Auburn University College of Business Advisory Council and the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. Green’s association captivation goes above lath memberships. He is complex with Rapha Clinics, as the clinics seek to accommodate absolute medical, dental and eyes casework to individuals who cannot allow healthcare, and the Boys & Girls Club. Green accelerating from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

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MintHealth™ is a all-around decentralized bloom belvedere that aligns patients, providers, and payers about accommodating empowerment. The belvedere will accredit the accommodating to administer their own self-sovereign bloom character and record, anchored via blockchain, and engages the ecosystem to drive advantageous accommodating behavior through the Vidamint™ token. For added info, visit:


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