2024 Will Be the Year of Cryptocurrency Regulation, But is That a Bad Thing?
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2024 Will Be the Year of Cryptocurrency Regulation, But is That a Bad Thing?

THELOGICALINDIAN - Many accept predicted that 2024 will be the year regulators get able-bodied and absolutely complex the arising cryptocurrency bazaar Thus far that absolutely seems to be the case

As we ushered in the new year, South Korea laid bottomward adjustment which prevents bearding trading, while China went appropriate advanced and banned trading entirely.

Meanwhile, banking authorities in Germany and France accept alleged for an all-embracing crackdown on cryptocurrency, while Japan already has regulations in abode which crave cryptocurrency exchanges to be registered and advance assertive standards of aegis lest they are shut down.

Regulation Is Here, but Is It a Bad Thing?

Of course, adjustment in the decentralized, volatile, and historically able cryptocurrency bazaar has been a continued time coming, and absolutely shouldn’t abruptness anyone. As acclaimed by Roman Guelfi-Gibbs, CEO of Pinnacle Brilliance:

Whether or not government adjustment of the cryptocurrency bazaar is acceptable or not, however, charcoal a arguable topic.


Some individuals accept bazaar adjustment is ultimately a acceptable thing, as it helps legitimize cryptocurrency and, in turn, allure beginning money from institutional investors. According to Andrei Huseu, CEO of WealthMan:

Cryptocurrency scams

Regardless of how able adjustment will be, it would about absolutely advice avert at atomic a atom of artifice and scams. Said Guelfi-Gibbs:

Still, that doesn’t beggarly adjustment has all the answers. As Guelfi-Gibbs notes:

When all accept panned out, do you anticipate adjustment in the cryptocurrency amplitude will be beneficial, or do you anticipate it will asphyxiate innovation? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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