Minto Rewards Go Through the Roof
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Minto Rewards Go Through the Roof

THELOGICALINDIAN - Minto sceptics ashamed by ample advantage afterwards the aboriginal stats publication

DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 25, 2024. Minto aggregation reports. As you know, BTCMT staking was launched on October 21, and we are admiring to advertise its aboriginal results. On the aboriginal day, 4.4% tokens were beatific to staking. This accustomed the aboriginal investors to get an astonishing anniversary accumulation of 1783.77%. The accolade multiplier was 18.84, which alike we could not imagine!

As of the additional day, 8.12% of BTCMT tokens were staked, which brought the aboriginal users an absurd anniversary accumulation of 922.89%. As the cardinal of BTCMT owners grows, the APR will abide a apathetic accustomed decrease. For example, on the third day, 9.82% of tokens were already staked, ,and the anniversary amount beneath to 761.70%. This is still an absorbing result, and this befalling is still available!

Hurry up and accompany Minto in time to accept the accomplished accessible rewards!

A reminder: the presale is still on, and you still accept the befalling to acquirement BTCMT tokens at a appropriate price. Become an aboriginal Minto broker and get the best assets while you can!

The antecedent amount of the BTCMT badge is $1.72, but the presale amount is $1.5.                
Only 1 000 000 tokens are accessible at this price.

Regular billow mining with contracts, complicated schemes and tricks for your losses are in the past. Our new decentralised band-aid ensures that you will get several times added accumulation with a adventitious to avenue at any moment by affairs your mining ability on an exchange.

By owning Minto tokens, you about absolutely annihilate your dependence  on bazaar sentiment, because with Minto you will both accumulate profits back the bazaar grows, and breach alike back it takes a abysmal plunge

The BTCMT barrier badge is a abundant befalling to absolute the risks and acquire alike in the affliction times for the cryptoindustry. Your acquiescent assets will acquiesce you to compensate bazaar avalanche and if it grows, your basic will be multiplied.

Join Minto!

Sincerely, Minto team.

About Minto:

The BTCMT is the DeFi mining badge anchored by actively operating mining equipment. No added aliment fees, blocked accounts or KYCs on centralised platforms, activity bills and abandonment delays. Only one DeFi badge with an befalling to barter your hashrate and get your net BTC accolade from the acute arrangement whenever you wish.

All the hashrate is absolute by Huobi Pool, the activity itself was created on the HECO blockchain in cooperation with the Huobi Global team. Every band of cipher was audited by admired third-party teams like who accepted the accomplished aegis akin of the infrastructure.

Minto is a agenda bill activity area merchants and consumers can get rewards in BTC via staking its BTCMT hashrate token. Minto launched a high-tech abstracts centermost with a accommodation of 65 MW, congenital in the avant-garde development area in the Republic of Karelia in arctic Russia on the bounds of an alone aluminum plant. Minto uses the activity generated by hydroelectric ability plants, which do not abuse the environment. The aggregation pays abutting absorption to the activity industry and uses alone renewable assets with a aloof carbon footprint. Minto affairs to access the abstracts center’s hashrate to 120 MW, creating added than two hundred abiding jobs.

You can acquisition our presentation, roadmap, whitepaper, affable association and added advice about us here:

Official MINTO (BTCMT) web site:

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