Raising an NFT Army
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Raising an NFT Army

THELOGICALINDIAN - The Elite Legion is a different booty on NFTs Each badge is a about created warrior from a abeyant basin of 3000 variants Some ancestry are accepted some superrare The accumulating is based on the allegorical Terracotta Army of the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang who commissioned his stilllife army to beat the blast afterwards his death

“Elite Legion is an ballsy NFT collection, but there’s added to the adventure than some air-conditioned artwork. There’s a massive anecdotal to come. In that story, a King and a Queen will advance a attack and beat added worlds. In that sense, the Elite Legion is abundant like the Terracotta Army, a asleep army congenital to boodle basic worlds.” Madbull, Elite Legion Team.

Of the abounding ground-breaking aspects of the project, it’s the acquiescent assets abeyant that’s acceptable to absorption the NFT community. It works like this. When a badge is minted, it’s created at accidental from a huge cardinal of traits. Some of these characteristics are common, some uncommon, and some are rocking-horse shoe rare. The appearance the badge possesses actuate its rank and there are four ranks in the set.

Only three of the tokens are generals and they agree to 1000 warriors. These are the ‘mythic rares’ of the set, referred to in The Elite Legion as Super Rare OFC. Each General is minted with absolutely gold features.

In the collection, there are 30 captains anniversary the agnate of 100 warriors. Captains are the rares, accepted as Rare AF in the set. Captains can be articular by their argent heads. Their added ancestry may vary.

There are 300 commanders in the Elite Legion, anniversary apery ten average warriors. These are the collection’s uncommons. A commander’s blame affection is his brownish head.

These apprehensive soldiers accomplish up the blow of the collection, but all 2667 of them are still unique. Warriors are the aliment in the collection.

Which badge the holder mints, determines its acquiescent assets potential. Alike a warrior is a super-rare collectible NFT and as the bang continues, their amount is acceptable to rise. However, anniversary badge is additionally a ‘share’ in the accumulating and alike warriors accept the abeyant to acquire royalties as the collection’s amount increases. If a holder is advantageous abundant to excellent a Commander, a Captain, or alike a General, again the abeyant for acquiescent incomes grows respectively. The Elite Legion promises to allotment 25% of every auction with holders who own NFTs of a college rank. So, if you own a Commander, you’d acquire every time a warrior is minted and so on up the ranks.

The organisers additionally affiance an agreeable adventure to appoint badge holders. Legend has it a King and Queen will arise soon, anniversary one the agnate to 3000 warriors, and like the others they’ll be about minted. The alley map additionally promises fun campaigns, airdrops, giveaways, and association captivation as the Elite countless continues its advance beyond the multiverse.

Minting is already underway, so if you’d like to become allotment of the Elite Legion you can annals here. Minting is done via Phantom Wallet, but you’ll acquisition abounding instructions and a walk-through on the Elite Legion website.

To chase the project, analysis out their website and amusing media channels.