Zenapay Latest PoS Bitcoin Solution to Enter Projected $50 Billion Cannabis Market

Zenapay Latest PoS Bitcoin Solution to Enter Projected $50 Billion Cannabis Market

THELOGICALINDIAN - US cashintensive cannabis businesses 420s are attractive for means to accommodated chump appeal while disturbing beneath federal prohibition Cryptocurrencies are accretion in acceptance with 420s and now Zenapay is entering the bazaar with its own bitcoin solution

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Cannabis Cash

The US states absolute its abutting west, if outliers accommodate Alaska and Nevada, is home to fifty-two actor people. That is an astronomic market. They additionally appear to be the aggregate of states that accept legalized cannabis for claimed use, alleviative use, and sale.

Tension arises amid all such states and the federal government because the federal government does not accede with voters’ will.

Zenapay Latest POS Bitcoin Solution to Enter Projected $50 Billion Cannabis Market

Beyond criminality, issues of cyberbanking and accounts appear into play. The federal government is given advanced administration over cyberbanking and money, and banking institutions are alert of  active afield of federal laws.

In applied agreement this agency coffer accounts, admission to curve of credit, and myriads of banking articles are in convenance banned to 420 companies.

Much as it was on the atramentous market, 420s are codicillary about alone aloft cash.

Mounds of banknote on duke is not alone a logistical daydream in a avant-garde economy, it’s additionally a absolute aegis issue. And with twenty added states advancing online, casual slimmed-down versions of legalization/decriminalization, the cannabis bazaar is attractive for relief.

Bitcoin Solution

“Statistics from banking casework close Cowen & Co showed acknowledged cannabis was a $6 billion industry aftermost year, and is accepted to abound to $50 billion by 2026,” RT online reports.

Population numbers and these projections are adorable acquittal account providers into the cannabis market.

The latest such archetype is a aggregation out of Chicago, Epazz. It’s an over-the-counter about traded business software concern, action rollouts aboriginal winter of this year in Apple’s App Store, and after for Android, will go a continued way in authoritative 420s added able and safer.

Zenapay Latest POS Bitcoin Solution to Enter Projected $50 Billion Cannabis Market

Zenapay is a one percent transaction fee, point-of-service (POS) solution. It boasts online and in-store bitcoin purchases adequacy application proprietary software, acceptance for chump anonymity and for 420s to abate banknote burdens.

“We are bushing a ample charge in the cannabis community,” the company’s columnist absolution quoted its CEO Shaun Passley. Merchants, he said, “due to the acrimonious limitations by the accepted cyberbanking systems” artlessly cannot be banked.

A PoS with bitcoin functionality eliminates these issues.

Entrepreneurial bitcoiners, behindhand of niche, are consistently attractive for POS casework to accumulate accounting beeline as they attending to bead banknote annex for bitcoin.

If it proves successful, Zenapay says it will action amount services, e-commerce stores, account tracking, and acquiescence appearance activity forward.

What do you think? Are 420s a acceptable accession to the bitcoin ecosystem? Are solutions attention anonymity assuredly ‘getting it?’ Tell us in the comments below! 

Images address of: Original Strains Seed Bank, Green Rush Daily.

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