2 New Blog Sites That Allow Users to Earn Cryptocurrencies
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2 New Blog Sites That Allow Users to Earn Cryptocurrencies

THELOGICALINDIAN - During the aftermost few years cryptocurrency enthusiasts accept explored blogging and agreeable publishing websites that are powered by agenda currencies Recently two new publishing websites that advance cryptocurrencies accept been acquisition absorption The crypto powered blogging belvedere Publish 0x pays users to apprehend agreeable and blog application 11 altered agenda assets The website Readcash is a Bitcoin Cashcentric belvedere that lets bodies address accessories with videos and images in adjustment to acquire BCH

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Read.cash: A Bitcoin Cash-Powered Blogging Platform

Blogging sites are actual accepted and abounding accept agreeable publishing and cryptocurrencies go duke in hand. There accept been platforms like Yours, Steemit, Mamby, Sola, and Honestcash but so far amid the countless of attempts, none of the publishing portals accept acquired the drive captured by bounden blogging sites.

This anniversary news.Bitcoin.com looked at two almost new agreeable publishing portals that acquiesce users to be adored in agenda currencies by participating. The aboriginal is Read.cash, a blogging belvedere that was appear a few weeks ago and has bound become a admired amid BCH proponents. The project’s architect addendum that Read.cash was aloof afresh launched and there are still a few appearance advancing in the approaching according to the platform’s roadmap.

“If you are a biographer or architect of any affectionate – address an commodity about article interesting, add images and video — Anyone who upvotes your column will accelerate you bitcoin banknote to your online wallet and you can use it to buy stuff,” the Read.cash website FAQ explains. The bulletin adds:

2 New Blog Sites That Allow Users to Earn Cryptocurrencies

Signing up for Read.cash is accessible and afterwards registering, a bitcoin banknote wallet is created in your browser. The creators of the activity “prefer to break bearding for now” and clandestine keys are kept in the user’s browser only. “The upvote payments are done peer-to-peer on Bitcoin Banknote blockchain,” the blogging site’s creators detail. Alongside this, newcomers to the website can analyze through the account of guides that explain how bodies can architecture posts with images and videos. Looking at the blogging site’s capital augment shows that BCH admirers are application the belvedere consistently with posts accoutrement a lot of altered subjects.

Publish 0x: A Crypto-Agnostic Publishing Platform Open to Select Authors

Another blogging website that rewards users in BCH and 10 added agenda currencies is the belvedere Publish 0x. Essentially the publishing appliance lets bodies acquire crypto for creating, account and watching content. Currently, the “earn by blogging” aspect of Publish 0x is still in beta and to become a administrator users will charge to accretion an invite.

2 New Blog Sites That Allow Users to Earn Cryptocurrencies

Publish 0x supports a array of altered agenda assets like BTC, BCH, BNB, BAT, and LTC. According to the Publish 0x team, the belvedere paid out $14,500 in agenda currencies in October and aural that basin of funds, 32 BCH was dispersed. According to the user FAQ, back tipping, both the clairvoyant and columnist acquire crypto and tips are chargeless for both types of users as well. The creators accent on the website that “Publish0x is not aggravating to become a amusing network.” Instead, the focus is aimed at bearing affection agreeable and Publish0x “is a publishing belvedere accessible to baddest accustomed authors.”

“Other ‘crypto blogging’ platforms are powered by their own badge only,” the Publish0x website FAQ emphasizes. “[These platforms] affirmation to be decentralized back absolutely the antithesis of ability lies with the founders and the better holders of their own token. We will be crypto agnostic.”

2 New Blog Sites That Allow Users to Earn Cryptocurrencies

Just like agenda currencies, in time publishing platforms that acquiesce users to be adored will change the way blogging sites work. Blogs and agreeable publishing platforms accompany bodies calm and for readers and writers, it alleviates some of the stresses angry to absolute life. Instead of centralized institutions like Facebook or Medium profiting from user content, crypto-powered blogs and amusing media empower the community. Publish0x and Read.cash are two altered platforms that accommodate bodies with the adeptness to acquire crypto for accouterment affection content. If a user’s agreeable is valuable, agenda currency-powered blogs can accommodate them with the different befalling to anon monetize content.

What do you anticipate about the Read.cash and Publish0x blogging platforms? Let us apperceive what you anticipate about this accountable in the comments area below.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, Read.cash, and Publish0x.

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