AirPod Strengthens Team With 4 Top Advisors
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AirPod Strengthens Team With 4 Top Advisors

THELOGICALINDIAN - The AirPod aggregation keeps accepting stronger and beyond as the activity rapidly approaches its primary phase

Nathan Christian - Expert ICO Advisor & Blockchain Consultant

Nathan Christian — a abstruse able in blockchain-based accounting and banking applications — is AirPod’s best contempo addition. A consecutive entrepreneur, Christian has over 35 startups in his portfolio and is durably anchored in the blockchain space. In fact, blockchain technology is not alone his career – it’s his passion.

Christian is a Top-5 ranked affiliate of the ‘People of Blockchain,” and is a acclaimed Fintech apostle the apple over. He is a allotment of a able aggregation amalgam applications on Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains, autograph acute contracts, and ablution ERC20 tokens. He is additionally awful accomplished in ICO strategy, development, adventure basic investment, consulting and advising.

Christian has becoming his MBA and his BA with ceremoniousness and leads assorted controlling apprenticeship programs. He consults with corporations, banks, advance firms, banal exchanges, and law firms.

Vladimir Nikitin - New Strategic ICO Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin is a Strategic ICO and Compliance Advisor who abutting the AirPod aggregation in March. He is the co-founder of Top ICO Advisor, an able acknowledged adviser and blockchain specialist, and serves as on assorted boards of directors.

Nikitin is a acclaimed affiliate of the cryptocurrency association and has advocated for blockchain technology over the aftermost few years – during which time he has acquired all-encompassing contacts and added than 30,000 access on LinkedIn.

Nikitin has a Masters amount in both law and economics to go forth with his 10 years of acquaintance in civilian law, finance, and internet technologies. He has formed with a array of companies in the areas of retail, consulting, restaurants and advice technology. Furthermore, he is an able on ICObench and is an alive adviser for added than 15 acknowledged ICOs.

Nikolay Shkilev - Influential ICO Advisor

AirPod additionally accustomed Nikolay Shkilev to its aggregation in March. Shkilev is an entrepreneur, owner, and co-owner of dozens of acknowledged business projects. He is additionally a top-tier ICO adviser and blockchain expert, with 20 years of acquaintance in all-embracing projects.

Shkilev’s accolades are many, including but not bound to the Self-Made Russia Accolade and Super TOP Award. He is additionally the architect and CEO of the “Private Business Club” – a clandestine club alone for acknowledged entrepreneurs – and has accustomed the “Enterprise of the Year” accolade from the Kremlin.

On top of his abounding businesses specializing in logistics, FMCG, HoReCa, and others, Shkilev is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and mentor.

Amarpreet Singh - Senior ICO Strategy Advisor

Amarpreet Singh abutting the AirPod aggregation in March. He is one of the arch advocates and contributors to the all-around blockchain community. He is a chief adviser to the All-around Blockchain Foundation and has been rated a top ‘Expert” by ICOBench. He is additionally on the advising lath of assorted blockchain projects the apple over.

In accession to actuality a technology enthusiast, Singh is a division able with years of acquaintance in the technology industry. He has formed as an APOC Operation Manager for Microsoft, a Senior Infrastructure Consultant and Economic Advisor for the World Bank, and has brash assorted startups. He is a approved apostle at assorted technology forums and has a B.E. in Computer Science to go forth with his three Masters degrees from three altered Universities — including an MBA from the National University of Singapore.

Singh’s all-embracing acquaintance and all-encompassing ability will assuredly prove advantageous to the AirPod project.

To apprentice added about AirPod, the project’s aggregation and its ICO appointment the official website.

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