EXMO Crypto-Analyst Pavel Lerner On His Kidnapping and Life Afterwards
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EXMO Crypto-Analyst Pavel Lerner On His Kidnapping and Life Afterwards

THELOGICALINDIAN - In backward 2024 account from Ukraine fabricated account beyond abundant cryptocurrencyrelated media about the apple The advance analyst of the above cryptocurrency barter EXMO Pavel Lerner was kidnapped by alien men cutting balaclavas

As he was missing, rumors started overextension beyond the crypto-community, which appropriate that the kidnappers acutely afflicted Mr. Lerner in an attack to accretion admission to his crypto wallet. They let him go three canicule afterwards after accepting a big ransom. Afterwards that, Mr. Lerner larboard Ukraine. The badge analysis is still underway.

Understandably, Mr. Lerner wasn’t actual agog to allege with the media afterwards the abduction. However, afresh the above Russian-language cryptocurrency advertisement ForkLog managed to interview him about the kidnapping and his activity afterward. This was Mr. Lerner’s aboriginal account afterwards the abduction. 

About The Abduction

First of all, Mr. Lerner rebutted the rumors of his astringent injuries.

“I wasn’t acutely injured. The handcuffs larboard some fractures in my adorable bones, though, and my wrists aching sometimes. For a few months afterwards the kidnapping, I had a adamantine time accounting things so I couldn’t do my capital job, which is coding and allegory the market. 

“My better agony is psychological. Such things aren’t normal. It’s acceptable I had accompany and ancestors by my side. They helped me about-face my apperception off that story. My wounds accept healed. I aloof try to not bethink the kidnapping and move on with my life,” he said.

Mr. Lerner additionally appear the bulk of the bribe he had to pay.

“They capital me to accord all my bitcoins to them. Apparently, they weren’t acceptable at it as they requested 10,000 BTC as ransom. Back then, 1 BTC was account about $20,000. [Eventually, the bribe was] 102 BTC. Back again it was about $2 million,” he recalled.

The identities of the kidnappers or those who accept ordered it in the aboriginal abode still abide unknown, alike though, according to Mr. Lerner, the badge formed professionally. 

He said:

“When the kidnappers set me free, or, added accurately, threw me out of the car, I had to allege with the Ukrainian badge about all the time. The badge acted professionally. The analysis is still underway, admitting I don’t anticipate they’ll acquisition the culprits.”

“The board showed me some darknet posts: acquisition us millionaires, and we’ll pay you for info. There were about 20 names on the list. I wasn’t alike the aboriginal one to be kidnapped.”

The adventure fabricated Mr. Lerner amend his own claimed security. 

“Anyone can be abducted and robbed. It’s aloof a catechism of amount and time. Your cold is to accomplish it bright to all criminals: it’s easier to rob twenty shops and drive abroad on a blaze barter than to abduct you,” he said.

About His Work After Abduction

It seems that afterwards the abduction Mr. Lerner abutting a activity alleged BitSonar affianced in algebraic trading and creating breakthrough strategies for trading based on circuitous analysis.

“Using software, we assay abstracts for big periods of time, acquisition matches, body hypotheses and analysis them. If the antecedent is accurate right, we accomplish it a breakthrough strategy. BitSonar doesn’t assignment alone with cryptocurrencies. It’s not aloof a activity but a accomplished aesthetics for the new world. For now, I cannot acknowledge abundant detail but I can say that BitSonar affairs to break problems with claimed freedom, security, movements, and asset management,” he elaborated.

When asked to accommodate some use cases for the company’s services, Mr. Lerner explained:

“[Those who] bought bitcoin for 17 or 18 thousand dollars […] can acquisition no use for their bitcoins or Ethereum. BitSonar will access the cardinal of bill such bodies own with robots, neural networks, and breakthrough strategies. Another class of abeyant barter is investors with high-risk appetence and users of trading bots.”

Mr. Lerner additionally offered some allotment of admonition for those in the cryptocurrency industry who ambition to enhance their claimed safety.

“Have a tracking accessory on you. It can be a bracelet, a watch, or a ring. It will accelerate your area to your ancestors or your attorneys if annihilation happens. I saw rings with a abstruse agitation button that my American colleagues wore. If addition takes it off and doesn’t advance the button for a while, it will accelerate a ache signal. We use those methods at BitSonar while alive with VIP investors. People with big deposits accept to feel safe. That way they will be able to actualize article advantageous instead of accomplishing broken-field runs beyond town.”

However, according to Mr. Lerner, bodies are still bigger than any apparatus back it comes to ensuring claimed safety. He uttered:

“Hire acceptable attorneys and don’t animosity money. If you accept problems with abyss or authorities, they will act. They accept way added advantageous access than you, your friends, or your relatives. And accompany the bounded community. Legal and banking abetment is easier to acquisition in this case. When agreeing bodies accompany their efforts and body systemic processes, there is a cast new akin of service.”