Zebi is Blockchaining India’s Big Data
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Zebi is Blockchaining India’s Big Data

THELOGICALINDIAN - As the arduous bulk of abstracts in India grows exponentially Zebi is accessible to defended highvalue and acute abstracts while authoritative abiding its anon accessible for accepted use potentially revolutionizing the administration of big abstracts in India and abroad

Solving India’s big abstracts bearing botheration is no accessible feat. The South Asian country has a citizenry of about 1.24 billion, of which almost one billion accept some anatomy of agenda identity. The country is additionally rapidly abutting 500 actor internet users – additional alone to China.

Growing exponentially, India’s absolute bulk of big abstracts is accepted to ability three Zebibytes (about three abundance Gigabytes) per year by 2024. This is due, in ample part, to the connected acceptance of amusing networks, smartphones, and the internet in general.

Unfortunately, with added abstracts comes added crime. Companies and individuals are all affected to hacks, leaks, abstracts analytical and character annexation – crimes which are accretion at an alarming rate, costing tens of billions of dollars every year.

Luckily, one aggregation is attractive to advice boldness India’s big abstracts issue.

Zebi - Securing India’s Data on the Blockchain

Zebi aims to break India’s big abstracts botheration with a blockchain-driven band-aid which makes high-value and acute abstracts readily accessible for accepted use, while additionally accepting and attention said abstracts from hackers, cybercriminals, and wrongdoers.

At the affection of Zebi is the Zebi Chain – centralized technology chip with the Ethereum blockchain, which gives absolute adaptability to customers. Smart affairs on the Zebi Abstracts Gateway accomplish abiding abstracts barter is consensual, potentially revolutionizing the aegis and analysis of acreage registries, the apprenticeship sector, application and bloom records, acclaim scores, alone marketing, artifice detection, etc.

Zebi Chain boasts a reliable and defended basement which is activated by the Ethereum blockchain. It is both tamper-proof and hacker-proof. All acute abstracts requests go through absolute and diminutive accord apparatus – acceptance for flexibility, while additionally actual minimally intrusive, as acute affairs and agenda signatures ensure abstracts is exchanged with no animal action required.

Additionally, Zebi Chain is fast, acceptance for direct and cellophane admission to abstracts application DaaS APIs. It’s additionally eco-friendly back business processes can be absolutely automatic to accredit a accurate paperless barter of information.

Zebi’s approaching looks bright, abnormally accustomed the company’s aim to accommodate a much-needed and admired account to the Indian government — which itself is actual bullish on blockchain technology.

Zebi Pay – a way for government departments, individuals, and clandestine organizations to pay for Zebi casework in authorization – is additionally in the works.

Finally, Zebi’s abiding plan is to transform the activity into a full-service platform, which will acquiesce others to actualize their own apps. Zebi additionally aims to defended its atom as the official Public Blockchain of India.

Of course, no blockchain activity can accomplish after a arch aggregation abaft it, and Zebi absolutely isn’t defective on that front.

The aggregation has been founded, mentored and managed by some austere academician ability from Stanford, MIT, Oxford and IIT veterans and anticipation leaders from Silicon Valley, who avowal assignment acquaintance with big names like Google, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Zebi is additionally partnered with Torque Capital Partners.

Zebi Chain utilizes a accepted ERC20 account badge (ZCO) on the Ethereum Blockchain, which will primarily be acclimated as a approach of acquittal for all Zebi services, including transaction processing through and abstracts aegis by Zebi Chain.

Normally, ZCO is priced at 0.0000333 ETH per token, and 300 actor tokens will be awash with a adamantine cap of $10 million. Zebi has already completed a acknowledged pre-sale in which 640 individuals registered and over $8.55 actor was raised.

If you’re attractive to get in on the action, there will be a crowdsale alpha on March 5. During that time, army auction participants on Zebi’s “Gold List” will accept a 3 hour window and affirmed cap to participate. While the “Gold List” is currently bankrupt investors may still assurance up for the “Silver List” which would admission them admission to the uncapped allocation of the sale.

In addition, Zebi is additionally hosting an Airdrop Lottery area the top 10 winners appear over Youtube alive beck will allotment $100,000 in ZCO tokens. First abode champ will accept $25,000 ZCO!

You can acquisition added advice about Zebi, the team, and the project’s whitepaper on the company’s website at Zebi.io or by abutting their Telegram chat.

What do you anticipate of Zebi’s plan to accommodate big abstracts in India and internationally? Are you absorbed in the company’s crowdsale? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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