Acala Welcomes SubQuery to Polkadot Parachain

Acala Welcomes SubQuery to Polkadot Parachain

THELOGICALINDIAN - Acala the aboriginal activity to defended a Polkadot parachain is accepting a abstracts indexing and querying band-aid via the SubQuery Network

SubQuery, a arch abstracts aggregation, indexing, and querying band-aid on Polkadot, has appear that it will barrage on Acala’s parachain.

SubQuery Heads to Acala Parachain

SubQuery is ablution its decentralized indexing and querying band-aid on Acala.

SubQuery appear today that it will barrage its account on the Acala parachain—a arch acute arrangement belvedere acquisitive to become the home of DeFi on Polkadot. SubQuery’s account unlocks blockchain abstracts and transforms it into a queryable state, acceptance developers to index, process, and concern abstracts abundant faster and after architecture their own centralized abstracts processing solutions.

Acala won the aboriginal Polkadot parachain bargain beforehand this month, accepting a two-year parachain charter that will aftermost until Oct. 20, 2023. Parachains are individual, application-specific blockchains that affix to Polkadot’s Relay Chain to accomplish the arrangement added scalable. To accompany the Polkadot network, projects charge defended their atom by bidding for one of 100 parachains through staking Polkadot’s DOT badge in parachain auctions. Acala came out on top for the aboriginal aperture afterwards almost assault Moonbeam in a candle auction.

Commenting on the accommodation to aces Acala over added parachains, SubQuery CEO and architect Sam Zou said: 

“We accept aggressive advance plans, but our home will consistently be Polkadot. By partnering with Acala, the best DeFi belvedere on Polkadot, we accept complete aplomb in their adeptness to advice us not alone in our badge launch, but additionally in approaching areas such as micropayments for indexers beyond networks.”

In a columnist release, SubQuery said that it advised assorted options afore chief on a specific parachain but ultimately acclimatized for Acala because it will action EVM compatibility. Once Acala launches on Dec. 18, investors will be able to seamlessly participate in SubQuery’s badge bearing accident and acquirement SQT tokens through their MetaMask wallets on the Ethereum network.

Bette Chen, a co-founder of Acala, explained that the activity would act as Polkadot’s DeFi hub, accumulation assets and clamminess from assorted blockchains. “We are aflame to be able to abide our abutting accord with SubQuery and barrage the SQT badge and SubQuery acute affairs on our platform,” he said, speaking of the accord amid the two projects.

The SubQuery Network and the SQT badge are due to be the aboriginal alien appliance and badge to barrage on Acala.