Does Abra Pose a Threat to the Bitcoin ATM Industry?

Does Abra Pose a Threat to the Bitcoin ATM Industry?

THELOGICALINDIAN - AsBitcoin apps such as Abra added arch the authorization gapby accouterment added optionsto buy and sellBitcoin could concrete BTMs become obsolete

Yesterday, Abra, a Bitcoin-based remittance app that allows users to banknote out civic currencies via pre-selected Tellers, announced the accession of Bitcoin as a accessible currency.

Although Abra has consistently been powered by Bitcoin, the new accession will acquiesce users to buy, store, alteration and absorb Bitcoin anon as they would with USD or EUR.


Now users can buy Bitcoin anon with their coffer annual with no fees for barter in the U.S. and the Philippines, a above remittance hub area Abra has over 1,000 acknowledging “Tellers” accouterment banknote in/out services. 

Users can additionally boutique at any Bitcoin-enabled merchant through their Abra wallet and accomplish a transaction to and from any Abra user or alien wallet about the world. The startup additionally appear the added abutment of over 50 bounded currencies common and the advancing development of their all-embracing Teller program.

In the announcement, the aggregation stated:

The era of apps like Abra and agnate ones like Spare, which accomplish it accessible to cash out Bitcoin into authorization at bounded stores, could accommodate an added addition to all-around Bitcoin infrastructure.

But could this come at the amount of existing Bitcoin ATMs, which accept afresh surpassed the 1,000 anniversary globally.


For one, these apps accommodate assorted advantages for the end-user such as the adaptability of a software-based band-aid compared to concrete BTM machines. Additionally, only 35% of BTMs support both banknote in/out operations while these apps support both.

BTM fees are additionally almost high, as the boilerplate fee is around 8%, according to online ability CoinATMradar, while Spare, for example, accuse $2-3 USD commission.

Nevertheless, concrete Bitcoin teller machines ability not be activity anywhere for a while, according to the architect of CoinATMRadar “Vlad,” who has been carefully ecology the industry back the beginning.

“…It is acceptable there are abeyant alternatives, but I don’t anticipate they will admission ATMs a lot,” he told Bitcoinist. “While we are in the infancy stage, all types of admission casework will abound in the abutting future. The cardinal of ATM installations is accelerating, which agency they’re mostly assisting and appeal is increasing.”

In a such a beginning market, there could indeed be allowance for abounding types of cash in/out solutions based on user alternative and specific appearance from assorted Bitcoin ATM companies.

BitcoinATM Growth

“First of all, [Bitcoin] ATMs are 90% buy operations, alone ~10% is sell — the ones which Spare potentially can compete,” he explained. “But there is much added to it than this. ATMs are autonomous, but meeting with addition face to face is a absolutely altered story.”

Furthermore, Vlad believes that KYC/AML acquiescence amid the distributed abettor arrangement is a “mess,” while abacus that some Bitcoin ATMs are starting to offer alike lower fees than $2-3.

When asked if such apps are assuming a blackmail to the Bitcoin ATM industry, he replied:

Do you see abounding types of Bitcoin banknote in/out solutions circumstantial in the future?  Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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