‘Bitcoin 2’ Is Here as 5500% Daily Gain Screams Pump and Dump
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‘Bitcoin 2’ Is Here as 5500% Daily Gain Screams Pump and Dump

THELOGICALINDIAN - Just back you anticipation youd heard of aggregate forth comes Bitcoin2 Displaying all the aspects of a archetypal betray this alluringly called Bitcoin angle briefly accursed its way into CoinMarketCaps top 25 Which raises a few important questions

WTF Is Bitcoin 2?

Bitcoin 2 [coin_price coin=bitcoin2] may accept aureate beneath your anxiety and, hopefully, it has. One attending at its website should be abundant to set the anxiety accretion campanology for best investors. As a absolutely alien Bitcoin fork, this new cryptocurrency is able the moon–with no affirmation to aback it up.

It’s a Bitcoin fork, yet it’s “truly anonymous,” absolutely scalable, and offers “instantly absolute transactions.” Oh, and it uses Proof-of-Stake.

It gets better. One of the best adult aspects of this betray bread has to be its abundant and able-bodied advised roadmap for 2024.

2019 Bitcoin2 Road Map


For the year ahead, its goals including “marketing” and “more to be announced.” Call me cynical, but a Bitcoin angle advancing out of boilerplate (registering its website in 2024) and alms solutions to all of Bitcoin’s problems smells absolutely like a scam.

Not to acknowledgment the audacious actuality that added than 95 percent of Bitcoin2’s (BTC2) bread accumulation is yet to be claimed by Bitcoin holders back the fork.

Go advanced and invest; aloof don’t be afraid if you get asked for your clandestine keys to accept the angled coins.

Clear Pump and Dump Scheme

With a 5500 percent billow in 24 hours, BTC2 has to be one of the better pump and dump schemes the cryptoverse has apparent in contempo times. Clearly manipulated by some arrant bang active up the amount alone to dump on FOMO-gripped investors.

According to Bitcoin2’s Twitter, it was listed on CoinMarketCap aftermost week:

So, if Bitcoin2 is acutely a scam, how is it still aerial in CMCs top 100 list, currently trading at aloof beneath $4 a coin?

How Can CoinMarketCap List It Based on 2 Small Exchanges?

That bodies are still falling for this blazon of pump and dump betray in 2024 is disheartening. But then, that’s crypto for you, never a addled moment nor befalling absent to abstracted fools from their money.

But it does accept to accomplish you admiration if we can’t get some bigger metrics in place.

We already apperceive that 95 percent of trading aggregate is fabricated up by exchanges and best DApp cartage comes from bots.

With so few reliable indicators about the absolute accompaniment of the market, one has to admiration about abounding people’s go-to antecedent for cryptocurrency bazaar information. As CryptoNewsDaily states:

Bitcoin2 for its allotment maintains that it was “caught off guard” by the absorption in its coin. It will now be gluttonous added accepted barter listings:

Wherever this sh**coin gets listed next, aloof accumulate your clandestine keys private–and be abiding to advance the warning.

Is ‘Bitcoin 2’ a arrant scam? Share your thoughts below!

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