Exclusive Interview with the Creator of Litecoin: Charlie Lee
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Exclusive Interview with the Creator of Litecoin: Charlie Lee

THELOGICALINDIAN - We afresh had the befalling to account Charlie Lee at the Amsterdam conference

Charlie Lee is the architect of Litecoin and afresh abutting the Coinbase aggregation afterwards alive as an architect for Google. He has becoming a Master’s amount in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Litecoin has generally been referred to as the “silver” of the cryptocurrency apple for actuality additional alone to Bitcoin in acceptance and value.


Bitcoinist: Okay, so actuality we are with Charlie Lee. Thank you for demography the time.

Charlie Lee: Thank you.


My aboriginal catechism would be: what would you advance to those bodies who are aloof now aggravating to access to the cryptocurrency world, mostly on the Litecoin business? What would you acquaint them? Is it still on time to get in there, or are they a little bit late?

C:   Sure. Well, it’s never backward to get into Litecoin, Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. So, in agreement of bodies ability anticipate that it’s backward to get into mining, I never appearance mining as a a assisting affair to do. Your mining is acknowledging that network, and if the Litecoin or Bitcoin takes off, the amount of the bill will go up. So it’s not too late.

What are your expectations about Litecoin?

C: It’s not like we’ve accomplished the aiguille of the price. So I would advance that you buy some bill and absorb it. Use it, abutment it, and the bill and bill will booty off.


Okay. What do you like to do back you’re not ambidextrous with the business? What are your hobbies?

C:  What are my hobbies? I like to watch sports. I absorb time with my family, my kids. So I think, with amid alive at Coinbase and my Litecoin assignment and spending time with my ancestors there is not abundant time larboard for annihilation else.

Do you absolutely like this affectionate of lifestyle? Most of these anniversary leaders in the area say that they don’t absolutely accept time for ancestors activity or hobbies.

C: I do. I mean, cryptocurrency is aloof awesome. I adulation spending all my time with it. I assumption I aloof accept to set abreast time for sleep.

I apperceive you’re activity to say Coinbase. But what would you chose, Coinbase or Google?

C:  I acutely chose Coinbase. I larboard Google to assignment at Coinbase about 9 months ago. Google was a abundant company, they paid well, they amusement you able-bodied and you get assignment on alarming articles like chrome box and stuff, but my affection is with cryptocurrency, so I absitively to go all the way with cryptocurrency and went to Coinbase.

Where do you see yourself maybe let’s say in two years? It would be a impaired catechism to ask about the approaching of cryptos or Bitcoin but what would you say about your approaching and career? We are acutely one of the milestones in the sector.

C: Hard to say. Cryptocurrency moves absolutely fast. We’ll see what happens with Bitcoin and Litecoin. I’ll apparently ability still be at Coinbase. Or maybe I ability use article to myself. We’ll see.

Thank you so much!

C: Sure, acknowledge you!

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