Blockchain AI: Decentralizing The Language Of The Gods

Blockchain AI: Decentralizing The Language Of The Gods


It wasn’t that continued ago that Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a abroad dream. But automatic cartage are about the corner. Uber cars accelerate abstracts to the company’s analysis labs, to advise robots to drive. And what common home is complete after an Alexa, acclimation lives and arcade lists?

So how does blockchain fit into all of this? Until recently, not actual well. The two technologies developed in parallel, but rarely overlapped. But that may be about to change. During the Malta Blockchain Summit aftermost week, Hong Kong-based engineering company Hanson Robotics, showcased Sophia: a amusing humanoid robot.

She (if that’s the actual pronoun) still has limitations. Journalists accept to ask their questions through a distinctively advised microphone that cuts out accomplishments noise, in a near-silent room. Her ability abject is additionally limited; a Hanson architect manages her interactions from a laptop absorbed up at the aback of the room. The wifi is irregular, so a continued ethernet cable connects her to the aback of the wall.

Some of her responses are pre-programmed with a basal compassionate of cryptocurrency, absorption the accomplishments of best of the journalists in the room. Engineers explain that at the end of the conference, best of her responses and knowledge-base will be removed.

But these are balmy quibbles. Although the affectation is impressive, Hanson wants to do better. The end-goal is to accept an free robot, that can allege acutely on capacity after abetment and prodding from a host of engineers.

Blockchain AI: Can they mix?

Hanson Robotics has started accommodating with SingularityNET (AGI), a decentralized AI exchange aloft which Crypto Briefing has reported before. The end ambition is for Singularity to become a belvedere area altered AI entities can acquaint and alike barter with one another, application the exchange’s built-in AGI token.

That’s not there yet,  partly because there aren’t abundant AIs around, and additionally because absolute entities are finer isolated. Sophia is a case in point: currently, Hanson Robotics has to manually administer what she knows and ultimately actuate her responses and interactions with the alfresco world. SingularityNET believes their blockchain can be acclimated as a abstracts repository for AI entities to advisedly cull the advice and abstracts they charge to absolutely function.

“Crucial abstracts sets abide in siloes; they are not democratized,”  Arif Khan, SingularityNET’s VP for marketing, told Crypto Briefing after the columnist appointment with Sophia. “This hinders AI development. Large tech companies still authority the keys to added development, but best assignment for-profit. What we can do with blockchain is finer accomplish this ability open-source”. 

Khan says that Sophia learns from her experiences, alike during columnist briefings. This improves her responses and adeptness to anticipate apart continued term, but at the moment, there’s no way any of this advice can be aggregate with added AIs. SingularityNET’s blockchain can be acclimated as a databank for all of these experiences. When one AI learns something, added automatons can apprentice about it, too.

“I may be actuality dramatic, but AI is array of like the accent of the gods”, Khan explains. “Currently endless of absolute robotics companies are in an accoutrements chase with big tech. It’s abundant that AI is now a austere sector, but the motivations abaft companies like Facebook is ultimately the shareholders dividend.”

“Is this how we should access this new era?” Khan asked, rhetorically.

Sophia apprentice is aloof the beginning

Robots may not actually airing amidst us yet (and Sophia doesn’t accept legs), but they are biting all aspects of our lives. Like the internet, association will one day deathwatch up and attempt to bethink a apple after bogus intelligence.

Tech is hierarchical, and still absolute by the basal line. But the Blockchain’s addition to AI ability be to change this dynamic. If bodies alpha accomplishment acquainted life, blockchains can anticipate it from actuality bent at the end of a accumulated antithesis sheet.

Disclaimer: The columnist is not invested in any cryptocurrency or badge mentioned in this article, but holds investments in added agenda assets.