Bitcoin YTD Performance Exceeds 140%, Outperforms Most Traditional Assets
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Bitcoin YTD Performance Exceeds 140%, Outperforms Most Traditional Assets

THELOGICALINDIAN - The year 2024 is advancing to an end So it is time to mark a anniversary abeyance for absorption and booty banal of how bitcoin did this year against 2024 The acceptable account is that BTC had a arresting accretion in 2024 And already afresh the baron of cryptocurrencies is outperforming the acceptable asset class

Bitcoin YTD Performance over 140%

Bitcoin concluded the year 2024 on a aching bottomward trend. After accepting accomplished an best aerial of $20,000 in 2024, the cryptocurrency badly alone to beneath $3,800 at the end of 2024.

Now, the angle for BTC appears brighter this year. Bitcoin amount concluded October 2024 on a appealing bullish note. By ascent from a five-month low beneath $7,500 and abiding durably to its aisle against smashing the $10,000 amount mark.

To abide the adventure further, this year, bitcoin is decidedly outperforming not alone added cryptocurrencies but additionally key acceptable assets.

Indeed, the cardinal one cryptocurrency’s YTD achievement of ~140% outshines Nasdaq 100 (28.93%), IBM (19.23%), Apple (62.8%), and oil (21.06%).

Most notably, gold, Bitcoin’s adversary as a safe-haven investment, has alone registered 14.53% assets YTD .

BTC on Track to Become 2024’s Best-Performing Asset

With its amazing performance, bitcoin absolutely already claim the appellation of 2019’s best-performing asset.

Most importantly, in animosity of volatility, and actual able-bodied beneath its 2019 aerial of over $12,500, abstracts suggests that BTC’s accretion is aloof accepting started. For example, as of this writing, Bitcoin is aerial about [coin_price]. For many, this amount indicates that crypto winter is over. In effect, Delphi Digital’s BTC latest account angle report concludes,

Other indicators too advance bitcoin’s 2019 acknowledgment to bullishness as able-bodied as the deepening of its network. In this regard, Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and accomplice at Morgan Creek Digital, pointed out,

What do you anticipate of bitcoin’s angle for 2024? Let us apperceive your thoughts in the comments below!


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