Andreessen Horowitz Announces Launch of $1B Cryptocurrency Fund

Andreessen Horowitz Announces Launch of $1B Cryptocurrency Fund

THELOGICALINDIAN - One of the better names in adventure basic Andreessen Horowitz additionally accepted as a16z is reportedly adopting basic amid 800M and 1B for their latest cryptocurrency fund

Third Time’s A Charm

The close has aloft basic for two antecedent funds centered about cryptocurrency investments, including an antecedent $300M armamentarium in 2018 and a almost $500M armamentarium aloof aftermost year. However, this address represents aberrant admeasurement financially for the aggregation with commendations to a cryptocurrency fund. Andreessen Horowitz was a notable broker in Coinbase at abounding altered times throughout the accomplished eight years as well, which afresh went accessible and carries almost a $60B valuation. The aggregation reportedly captivated almost $11B account of Coinbase based on the appraisal at the time of IPO.

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Coinbase aside, Andreessen Horowitz has invested in a aggregation of acknowledged companies, including Facebook and Twitter, as able-bodied as a array of altered crypto projects, such as Ripple, BitClout, and Aleo, amid others.

How Big Is This Really?

As the initial report appear by the Financial Times appropriately notes, there accept been a cardinal of adventure basic firms adopting a abundant bulk of basic for cryptocurrency funds in contempo years, including Paradigm, Pantera, and Sequoia Basic China. Despite added inflows recently, alone Paradigm has accomplished the branch of the $1B mark in agreement of establishing a committed crypto fund, authoritative the abeyant admeasurement of the Andreessen Horowitz armamentarium decidedly relevant. Paradigm is a crypto-focused advance close which, like Andreessen Horowitz, is based in Silicon Valley.

Nonetheless, crypto advance at a above calibration continues it’s access up, be it from adventure basic or from institutional investors. It was aloof aftermost ages back Fidelity filed for a Bitcoin ETF with the SEC, and aggregation stock tokens like Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla are more hitting the bazaar on exchanges like Binance.

Cryptocurrency Fund: Let’s Talk Thesis

Andreessen Horowitz has a crypto team of over two dozen individuals committed appear the aggregation vertical, and describes crypto in their advance apriorism as “purely a software movement” that is “developing actual rapidly”.

There is added in the a16z crypto advance apriorism that is account assimilation in; the close break bottomward a cardinal of altered buckets that they see as capital drivers abaft their captivation in the space, including abutting gen payments, DeFi, abundance of value, architect engagement, and Web 3.0. Digital appurtenances in video games, in-app acquittal structures, and the abeyant about accessible antecedent cipher are some of the capital active appearance that Andreessen Horowitz calls out with commendations to appulse in the above buckets.

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Beyond the ample thesis, the aggregation is additionally alive on alms a crypto-focused newsletter and already offers a assembly of chargeless abstracts as allotment of their “Crypto Startup School”, focused on agreeable commitment about how to body a crypto-based startup company.

Andreessen Horowitz has not commented on the appear letters apropos the new armamentarium as of yet.