Bill Ninja: Pay Bills in the Phillipiines with Bitcoin!

Bill Ninja: Pay Bills in the Phillipiines with Bitcoin!

THELOGICALINDIAN - It seemed with the adeptness to acquire Bitcoin through selfies buy bitcoin through a able-bodied advised barter and the adeptness to address to the Philippines application bitcoin Miguel had it appealing acceptable over at Satoshi Citadel Industries or SCI Today I talked to them about BillsNinja a account that allows bodies to pay for bills in the Philippines application Bitcoin All bills are promised tobe paid with in 24 hours and alone a PhP 30 fee per bill is required

1. Can you acquaint us a little bit about what BillNinja is?

Bills Ninja is a bills acquittal account that we accept accustomed in the Philippines for bodies who appetite to pay their bills with bitcoin after accepting to leave the abundance of their own homes. Another abundant appliance of is that bodies can now additionally pay their bills from anywhere in the world, after accepting to anguish about appointment money and advantageous ample fees.

2.  I accept befitting it simple and apple-pie for bodies new to Bitcoin so the y could use it calmly was a big concern. How did you appear about that?

By creating this array of animation appearance (his name is Bitoy, a accepted Filipino nickname), we capital the account to accept a affectionate of accumulation address and assume attainable to everybody. The “Ninja” aspect stems from the abstraction that Bitoy pays bills so fast, after anyone seeing him, and actual efficiently. Like a ninja, basically :)

3. Now you accept absolutely a advanced portfolio back it comes to Bitcoin services. What’s next?

Bills Ninja seemed like a accustomed accession to the casework we provide, back we accept that the best way to drive bitcoin acceptance is to acquisition means for bodies to use it conveniently. absolutely absolutely avalanche beneath our acquittal processing account back it provides a agnate account for payments but this time, for basal bills payments. What’s abutting is added development and amplification of all our ventures, and authoritative abiding we accumulate hitting our targets and blame our out added applications for Bitcoin in the Philippines.

4. How is BillsNinja currently? is accomplishing great. We’re seeing added bodies aggravating it out everyday. Personally I use it now for all my bills. It works abundant and provides added accessibility additional it saves time too.

5. What are some approaching affairs for BillsNinja?

Future affairs are still focused on adorning the acquaintance and accretion the casework that it can pay for. We appetite it to become the go-to bills acquittal account for locals and Filipinos who are away as well.

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