Billionaire Brock Pierce Takes Out First-Ever Bitcoin-Backed Mortgage

Billionaire Brock Pierce Takes Out First-Ever Bitcoin-Backed Mortgage

THELOGICALINDIAN - Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce took out a cryptobacked mortgage to buy a 12 actor home in Amsterdam But why didnt he aloof advertise some bitcoin and buy it

Use Bitcoin as Collateral for a Mortgage

Cryptocurrency companies that acquiesce you to acquire absorption on your bitcoins or get dollar loans are arising up like weeds.

But you artlessly brainstorm their ideal ambition for loans as adolescent crypto HODLers that charge authorization for article pressing. Not ultra-wealthy Forbes top 20 richest cryptocurrency billionaires like Brock Pierce.

The Controversy That Follows Brock Pierce

To abundant of the American public, Brock Pierce will consistently be that adolescent amateur who starred in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks. Not abounding of them apperceive how knee-deep Pierce is in the cryptocurrency industry, (and altercation as well).

An aboriginal adopter in the space, in 2023, Pierce co-founded VC close Blockchain Capital (BCC) which had already aloft some $85 actor in two adventure funds by Oct 2023. He was additionally a ample broker in Etherum and accurate the aboriginal canicule of Coinbase.

At the acme of his success, Pierce was the co-founder of, the article abaft EOS. He was called by Forbes as one of crypto’s top 20 richest bodies in February 2023.

Then he was alleged out one ages after on alive television on John Oliver’s appearance Last Week Tonight over the allegations of his captivation in an arrears sex aspersion in the 90s.

Even admitting he had accomplished an out of cloister adjustment over that scandal, the repercussions would amble on. Shortly after, Pierce appear his abandonment from EOS. Several lath associates of the Bitcoin Foundation additionally larboard back Pierce became Chairman.

Has The Mighty Ducks Actor Fallen on Hard Times Again?

Yesterday, the world’s better crypto lender Swiss-based NEXO appear that Pierce was their aboriginal borrower to aback a mortgage application cryptocurrency as accessory aftermost November. NEXO told FOX Business that Pierce was the first being in the apple to use his crypto assets to buy absolute estate.

Antoni Trenchev, co-founder and managing accomplice at NEXO connected to say:

With 95% of his net account in cryptocurrencies and a less-than-squeaky-clean reputation, has Brock Pierce collapsed on adamantine times again, defective to borrow money to buy a $1.2 actor home?

If Pierce is account billions (or, at least, hundreds of millions) it rather begs the question–why didn’t he aloof buy it?

Die-Hard HODLers Don’t Want to Sell Their Bitcoin

It appears that the acumen Pierce approved a Bitcoin-backed mortgage for the home is added one of banking accuracy than need.

Die-hard Bitcoin HODLers don’t appetite to advertise their assets. They’re assertive that the balderdash run will appear again–but they charge to admission authorization in the meantime.

This is why companies like NEXO, BlockFi, Celsius, InLock, and endless others, are award added customers.

It’s not aloof the aerial absorption that HODLers can acquire on their accounts, but the low-interest loans that are absolutely demography off.

Celsius abandoned has already accomplished over $1 billion account of crypto loans back June of aftermost year–and it’s an abundantly ambrosial option. Rather than get a mortgage from a bank, these companies allegation as little as 8 or 9 percent interest.

And whale-sized HODLers with abbreviating crypto abundance are lapping it up… Pierce reportedly told FOX Business that these types of companies are a arch amid the:

He went on to say:

Will Bitcoin-backed loans become a accepted way to accomplish above purchases? Share your thoughts below!

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