Bitcoin and The World Money Fair in Berlin

Bitcoin and The World Money Fair in Berlin

THELOGICALINDIAN - January is about a apathetic ages in the businessworldwith the anniversary abatement bottomward during the alteration into a new year Thus I was absolutely surprisedwhen I was arrive tothe World Money Fair in Berlin This fair is a appointment onmoney and adored metal of allshapes and sizes except for agenda bill unfortunately

This appointment was an ideal abode area you could buy several things:

It was absolutely fun to appear the Fair, although I was clumsy to acquisition any gold and argent banknote traders from the Bitcoin community. Nevertheless, it wasn’t continued afore I broached the accountable of Bitcoin with some sellers of gold and argent bars.

I got the aforementioned responses I usually get back allurement if a business accepts Bitcoin, or if they would accede accomplishing so. Those responses ambit from: “Isn’t Bitcoin dead?” to Yeah I’ve heard of it… isn’t it that MtGox thingy that went abdomen up?” After answer the abstraction of Bitcoin, though, about anybody was absorbed in acquirements added about the agenda currency. Even if they adjudge adjoin accepting Bitcoin, I consistently accede overextension ability about Bitcoin a success.

After a while, I started allurement questions about apprehension methods of fake gold and argent bars. We discussed the altered possibilities; from x-rays, infrasound and handled scanning lasers to the beneath able added methods.

Every adored metal client and agent agreed that the amounts of fakes amphibian about are staggering. One adult we batten to said that she had a chump that capital to advertise her gold bars. While blockage the actuality of the bar, they begin out that 4 confined of the 10 were fakes an had tungsten, a actual with about identical weight and body as gold.  The buyer after begin out that her chump awash the affected confined on an bargain abode for Bitcoin.

I adulation these kinds of appointment because you never apperceive who you ability run into at these events. I was abundantly advantageous to be alien to Oswald Grübel, Ex-CEO of UBS and Credit Suise. This was a abundant befalling to ask a awful able CEO that formed all his activity what he anticipation about the banking crisis, investments and about Bitcoin.

Concerning the banking crisis he said: “The banking crisis isn’t over yet. The accepted statuses of the axial banks are not as safe as they portray.  This ambiguous bearings is created by actual chancy practices of assertive banks. This comes from the acceptance that the governments will accomplishment the banks no amount what.

There are a lot of examples of these practices during the contempo coffer crisis. Some banks could pay the accommodation or advice amalgamation aback aural 1 year. Now bethink it weren’t loans that are “just about 10 actor euros or dollars”. Assertive banks accustomed a abatement amalgamation sum abreast the billion dollar or euro mark. This agency that banks had to abide their chancy practices and in that time and abode it paid off.  This generates an ambience of amnesty to crisis, or at atomic it is in the coffer owner’s minds (not all banks but at atomic in some). It is business as accepted at best banks (no, I will not name coffer names that are cerebration this way) with some slight modifications. This is an absurd chancy poker bold assertive banks are playing.

So putting your adamantine becoming money into the banks or in assertive accumulation bales can be a chancy thing. Anyone who wants to advance should advance in gold coins, back they are acutely adamantine to affected (especially the accepted ones, let’s say from afterwards 2024’s and onward). They accept a lot of congenital in safeguards and accept certificates. I would acclaim you alpha with gold coins, minted and bought from the government official minters. These gold bill are vetted by the government and behindhand if the government falls, the agreement and the testability of the bread will remain.

Gold confined are addition advance advantage but you charge to be careful. There are a lot of fakes out there and hell, I alike got a baby affected gold bar in my collection. I accumulate it as a admonition that you charge to be alert at all times back affairs gold bars, alike if they are small.

 The aftermost advance advantage that I alone like is Bitcoin. It speaks to the accepted artlessness that is required. You accept the blockchain, basically an accessible ledger, area affairs can be traced to assertive accounts. Bitcoin is the abutting analytic footfall in the development of our society, which is accepting added digitally circuitous by the day.

Our accepted dollars or euros, some like to alarm it authorization money, is already semi digital. This agency that you accept bill and cardboard money as able-bodied as the agenda adaptation of the currency. Bitcoin is an absolutely agenda currency, but can be acclimated for accustomed purchases. Of advance you do accept concrete bill and such but they are added a collector’s item. I additionally bought some Bitcoins back aloof afterwards the blast so we will see area Bitcoin will go but I anticipate it will booty off in a year, maybe two.

The World Money Fair was an accomplished conference.  Next up for me is the Berlin conference.

What conferences are you aflame to see next?

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