Bitcoin Worth Nearly $450 Million Moves For 25 Cents

Bitcoin Worth Nearly $450 Million Moves For 25 Cents

THELOGICALINDIAN - Bitcoin showed aloof how bargain it can be as a apparatus for appointment amount this morning A 51511 BTC transaction account about 450 actor was beatific for a fee of beneath 25 cents

Half a Ten Millionth of a Percent

The transaction was included in block 613644, and a absolute bulk of 51,511.81742024 was moved. At the time the block was mined, the bitcoin amount was $8680.51, acceptation $447.15 actor of amount was transferred.

The fees for the transaction were called at 0.0000268 BTC, or aloof 23.26 cents. This gives an amazing fee amount of aloof 0.00000005%.

Bitcoin Fees Could Have Been Even Less

According to the Blockstream block explorer, the fee akin could accept been alike lower.

Fee Rates Not Available For Average Investors

Sadly, allotment ante like this are alone accessible back appointment whale-sized amounts of bitcoin. Although a 25 cent fee makes a still actual admirable allotment amount of 0.25% back appointment aloof $100.

However this still puts micro-transactions out of reach. Nobody wants to pay a 25 cent fee on a transaction of 50 cents.

The layer-two Lightning Network band-aid has continued promised to abate fees to the point area micro-payments are a achievable option.

2019 saw a large growth in LN nodes and capacity, and alike a Lightning-specific conference in Berlin in October. However, it is still clearly classed as experimental, and not recommended for beyond bitcoin transactions.

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