100K Minimum bid VR NFT Art Auction
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100K Minimum bid VR NFT Art Auction

THELOGICALINDIAN - Starting anon 2PM BST abiding until 27thBid actuality from again on The Br8ve VR

Auction lasts on Terra Virtua from today until the 27th during the AIBC Summit in Dubai.

The VR Glasses and the assignment will be accessible to see both at the appointment as able-bodied as abreast aloft request.

Watch the bastard aiguille blur here from VESA’s studio.

It was aboriginal an artwork commissioned by an aboriginal bearding crypto OG, who appear that Satoshi Nakamoto is eight altered experts in their fields. ‘The adventure of Bitcoin appropriately far’ took me bristles months to catechumen into an artwork, and a added six months with the 3D astrologer Frank Spalteholz, as able-bodied as artisan Mighty33 to transform it into an absolute VR artwork.

The allotment has a 30-minute mini-documentary about it, answer the substance. Watch here

The aboriginal out of 10 NFT is aloof for the abstruseness OG, who may be one of the eight people, and nine others will now be awash to the bazaar with a Varjo headset. The Finnish aggregation Varjo has the world’s best avant-garde VR headset, alone accessible for automated players like Apple, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Volvo, etc. The angle is not commercially accessible and has an amazing 8K resolution that bodies fly airplanes with and accomplish anaplasty in above hospitals – and you. The NFT comes with the headset, controllers, a able laptop, and a physically active big book archetype of the aboriginal version. It is set up for troubleshooting accidentally to ensure a bland transition.

You can see a 2D examination of the assignment here, as able-bodied as apprehend the august soundtrack by Mighty, which captures the danger, tension, and ability of the Bitcoin island altogether in its purgatory.

The 2D version

Wanna own astronaut brand VR goggles bare abroad on the market? The artwork comes with a barbarian of a laptop, The Varjo VR2pro headset, and a alien troubleshooting mechanism. Check out Varjo.com 

100K USD minimum bid

The bids for the 2/10 adaptation will alpha from 100K USD, but as we apperceive that bodies like absolute things, for this actual aboriginal adaptation only, we will action a ‘buy now’ advantage for 1M USD, which agency no added versions will appear to market. It will again be a 2/2.

Watch VESA abode this in a cheep beforehand this morning

Have a attending at this account with the co-founder Gary about why Terra Virtua is a big accord in the NFT space, and their art articulation will anon be a force to be reckoned with here.

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