A Big Data Art NFT Collaboration With Brittany Kaiser
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A Big Data Art NFT Collaboration With Brittany Kaiser

THELOGICALINDIAN - As Kenn Bosak mentions in the barrage podcast we did calm with Brittany Kaiser you charge accept lived beneath a bedrock not to apperceive who Brittany is Her activity adventure juxtaposes big abstracts blockchain advice aegis Facebook and now art about it all to be tokenized

If we appetite protection, we charge to alpha cerebration of our abstracts as our property, because, if no one has noticed, acreage is captivated up and adequate legally.

Brittany Kaiser

The Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, now co-founder of Own Your Data Foundation, will be traveling to Helsinki in January 2021 to coact with me on both alloyed media concrete and NFT artworks to be launched in the bounce in a red carpeting activity in London. The activity will accompanying see a metaverse barrage in Crypto Voxels, and will abide to biking to a additional bargain befalling in New York physically.

Watch the launch advertisement podcast with Kenn Bosak, Brittany & Natalie Kaiser, Ben Leff, and myself.

The barrage will accommodate pieces utilizing abounding of the accessible new technologies to accurate account with, and best importantly, will topically be a bullseye Ikigai on things of absorption to our blockchain community.

The documentary The Great Hack about her adventure is accessible on Netflix. It has been nominated for a BAFTA as able-bodied as an Oscar, illustrating the abstracts band mining clashing any other. It currently has about 100 actor angle on the platform.

For advocacy & afterimage opportunities, amuse get in blow with the Director of Communications at Own Your Data Foundation, Mr. Benjamin Leff.

ben (at) ownyourdata (dot) foundation

More account advancing soon.

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