Aave Launches Web3, Smart Contracts-Based Social Media Platform Built on Polygon

Aave Launches Web3, Smart Contracts-Based Social Media Platform Built on Polygon

THELOGICALINDIAN - The decentralized accounts defi lending belvedere Aave has appear the barrage of a Web3 amusing media belvedere alleged the Lens Protocol According to the aggregation Lens is a Web3 acute contractsbased amusing blueprint that is congenital application the Polygon blockchain

Defi Project Aave Drops the Lens Protocol, Platform’s Intent Is to ‘Empower Creators to Own the Links Between Themselves and Their Community’

For absolutely some time now, decentralized amusing media has been a Holy Grail to abounding cryptocurrency advocates. While it is accessible that amusing media platforms could advantage crypto assets so contributors can advance micro-payments, blockchain can additionally be activated for a decentralized adaptation of censorship-resistant amusing media ownership. On February 8, the defi lending activity Aave appear the barrage of the Lens Protocol, a Web3 amusing media belvedere that uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) arrangement Polygon.

Aave capacity in a afresh appear blog post about the subject, that the Web3 Lens Agreement is “designed to empower creators to own the links amid themselves and their community, basic a absolutely composable, user-owned amusing graph.” The developers say the agreement is “built from the arena up with modularity in mind, acceptance new appearance to be added while ensuring abiding user-owned agreeable and amusing relationships.”

Aave’s Lens Protocol anterior column adds:

Lens Protocol to Feature Profile NFTs, IPFS Support, Social-Based Verification

Over the aftermost few years, there accept been abundant attempts to amalgamate blockchain tech and micro-payments into the apple of amusing media. Many platforms still abide like Memo.cash, Hive, Steemit, Mediachain, Fluz Fluz, Peepeth, Minds, Society2, and Civil. Aave’s Lens Protocol will use a cardinal of altered appearance including non-fungible badge (NFT) technology. The capital archaic of the Lens Protocol will be Profile NFTs and NFT profiles can be followed.

In agreement of publication, Aave says the belvedere will abutment the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and assorted media types. Lens Protocol users will be able to aggregate the publications and re-share things with a mirror affection as well. “By amplifying content, you can acquire a cut from anyone who collects the aboriginal agreeable through your share,” Aave’s blog column details. Aave added says Lens Protocol will arrange “fair barrage bead mechanics” and the Lens Protocol will affection social-based verification.

At the time of writing, Aave’s Lens Protocol is active on Polygon’s Mumbai testnet and the belvedere has been audited by Peckshield. Lens Protocol is accessible antecedent and Aave is attractive for developers to accord and it has additionally launched a bug compensation for the belvedere as well.

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