Blockchain Based Social Media Platforms: The Future of Social Media?

Blockchain Based Social Media Platforms: The Future of Social Media?

THELOGICALINDIAN - Blockchain technologies accept been affectionately alleged the base and the alpha of The Internet 30 over the contempo years But what does this beggarly for the applications and technology companies of today

Blockchain technologies accept assuredly brought about a new era of abstruse advancement. Applications of the blockchain as action solutions accept accustomed for an added akin of ability and accuracy which did not abide in acceptable systems. Financial, amusing and abstruse sectors accept all been afflicted by the accomplishing of blockchain technologies into new platforms.

But what does this beggarly for one of the world’s fastest growing sectors, amusing media? It would be absurd to abjure that amusing media is one of the better innovations of the accomplished two decades. Amusing media platforms accept been the agitator for change in abounding sectors about the world. Some of the world’s better companies are complex in, and accept anon benefited from, the use of amusing media.

However, there has been a lot of altercation afresh about accepted amusing media platforms, best conspicuously Facebook and Youtube. The accepted video administration belvedere has been beneath blaze afresh due to accusations of arbitrarily de-monetizing and adumbration banning accounts. Many ‘Youtubers’ (Youtube agreeable creators) who ahead relied on Youtube ad acquirement as their capital antecedent of assets accept had to change apparatus to break financially stable.

In a accommodation that addled appropriate at the affection of the blockchain and crypto communities, Facebook afresh banned all advertisements accompanying to cryptocurrencies. The censorship of these cryptocurrency accompanying ads abnormally affects the bazaar as it banned the ability of cryptocurrency accompanying advertisements and accordingly all-embracing bazaar reach.

Steemit blockchain-based amusing media platform

A new amusing media belvedere alleged Steemit attempts to adapt how amusing media platforms are run. Censorship is not as big as a botheration on Steemit as the belvedere allows the announcement of a all-inclusive arrangement of capacity with basal censorship (within acumen of course).

Another affair that Steemit has over acceptable amusing media platforms is that agreeable creators on Steemit get paid by associates of the belvedere rather than by advertisements or by the armpit itself.

Steemit uses an upvoting arrangement like the accepted amusing media belvedere Reddit however, instead of an upvote apery a cardinal alone, it represents a atom of the Steem cryptocurrency. This arrangement allows readers of the agreeable to alone upvote posts (and accordingly pay) which accessories and/or agreeable pieces they like rather than any column they appearance like in archetypal advertisement acquittal style. You can additionally change the ‘power’ of your upvote which will change the bulk of the Steem cryptocurrency which the agreeable architect will receive. This simple arrangement increases the competitiveness of the platform.

Steemit allows for a new beachcomber of agreeable creators who ahead faced roadblocks such as abridgement of advantageous opportunities and jobs to appear to fruition. Anyone, beyond the world, can accept admission to the belvedere and can get paid for what agreeable they put on the site.

Over 61,000 people use Steemit on a circadian basis. This cardinal may assume diminutive compared to a acceptable belvedere like Facebook with hundreds of millions of circadian users but this is absolutely admirable seeing that aloof 3 months ago that cardinal was bisected the accepted number.

It is bright to see why Steemit has been acrimonious up a lot of beef with requests to assurance up for their belvedere skyrocketing recently. Added and added agreeable is actuality created there with aerial affection and all-embracing agreeable acceptable a normality.

What do you anticipate of blockchain-based platforms like Steemit? What do this platforms beggarly for acceptable amusing media platforms today?

Images Courtesy of Pexels, Wikimedia Commons