Incognito App Has Hidden 1 Bitcoin Somewhere on the Internet

Incognito App Has Hidden 1 Bitcoin Somewhere on the Internet

THELOGICALINDIAN - The privacyfocused DEX and Bitcoin wallet has launched a Quest affection bidding users to chase clues and acquisition QR codes online to alleviate hidden crypto funds

Incognito, a aloofness activity that allows users to absorber funds and accelerate Bitcoin anonymously, has taken a atypical access to adopting acquaintance about online privacy — a scavenger hunt.

A Quest for Privacy Awareness

The Incognito app now has a Quest affection advertisement 16 clues for users to solve. The ambition is to acquisition a QR cipher about on the Internet and browse it in the app to win a reward.

The Quest aloofness game shows over a dozen chests on-screen, anniversary absolute a clue back a user curtains on it.

According to Incognito, the clues are aimed at allegorical players “to added analyze the affair of aloofness in tech, in both decentralized and acceptable finance, and alike socially.” Clues point to Ethereum’s anonymous mode, Edward Snowden’s Twitter account, and added corners of the internet area aloofness is discussed.

Andrey Bugaevski, Incognito’s activity lead, told Crypto Briefing: 

“Many bodies in the crypto apple accept no abstraction that they’re absolutely exposed.  Without actuality alarmist, we capital to draw absorption to the aloofness botheration in an engaging, absorbing way – and booty users on a adventure through the best aloofness solutions already out there for them.”

Treasure chests may crave dozens of users to acquisition a cipher afore opening, and at that point, players accept tokens that acquiesce them to circuit a caster for prizes. 

The award-winning caster opens on Nov. 19.

Prizes ambit from VPN subscriptions and accouterments wallets all the way to one accomplished Bitcoin. Additionally, participants are acceptable to win the befalling to run an Incognito bulge and abide earning rewards for acceptance the network.