Mirror Wallet Launches Stock Trading App to Rival Wounded Robinhood

Mirror Wallet Launches Stock Trading App to Rival Wounded Robinhood

THELOGICALINDIAN - Synthetic assets that clue top US equities may assuredly conductor in the decentralized dream of all-around finance

Mirror Wallet offers users acknowledgment to 12 of the top American technology stocks. These constructed assets acquiesce anyone with an internet affiliation to buy and advertise Tesla, Apple, Twitter, and abounding added stocks as accessible as Robinhood. 

Unlike Robinhood, however, Mirror is accessible to anyone in the apple with an Internet connection.

Unlocking the World’s Robinhood Moment

Though U.S. markets accept been the best advantageous and aqueous globally, its acknowledgment is bound to an American audience. High net account individuals can calmly cross this barrier, and adopted investors can acquire acknowledgment through several altered allowance firms. 

Still, it’s a abundant altered adventure for the blow of the population. Trading American assets can be acutely bulky for the retail investor. 

Hence, the acceptance of accessible to use trading apps like Robinhood. The aggregation has enjoyed banderole afterwards banderole in 2024 as markets biconcave and rose from best lows to best highs aural aloof a few months. 

The app admiring so abounding users that it has alike crashed on several occasions, costing abecedarian traders absolute money. Burned traders are now turning to acknowledged venues to compensate their losses.

Robinhood users can additionally barter a scattering of cryptocurrencies too. Unfortunately, this is alone accessible for U.S. residents.

Though there are several decentralized and centralized candidates, crypto has yet to barrage an another that offers both crypto and disinterestedness trading on par with Robinhood.

Combining the ease-of-use, assortment of assets, all from a permissionless adaptable app, is, for many, the final breastwork of a absolutely all-around decentralized banking system.

The compensation for analytic this affliction point is massive, too. 

Robinhood has enjoyed amazing advance admitting its limitations to a distinct country. 

The affiance of Bitcoin and the acceleration of cryptocurrencies accept been absolutely this. As continued as users accept admission to an internet connection, they will accept admission to aqueous banking markets.

The Rise and Rise of Synthetic Assets

Trading Bitcoin is one thing, but trading massive cast called stocks like Google, Apple, and Tesla is still the acme banking acquaintance for many.

“The abeyant for constructed assets is acutely high,” Kyle Samani, co-founder and managing accomplice of Multicoin Capital, told Crypto Briefing in an interview. “It’s not accessible to advance in Google, for instance, if you alive in India.”

Already, firms like Bittrex, FTX Exchange, and decentralized protocols like Synthetix are borer into this market. Instead of alms admission to agenda assets, anniversary activity now lets traders advance in constructed versions that clue the basal banal price. 

Unlike derivatives contracts, constructed assets can change who and what is traded on all-around markets. 

“There’s a appealing aerial anticipation that constructed assets beat acceptable markets,” said Samani. “Permissionless venues will accessible American markets to a 7 billion all-around population.”

The latest aspirant to this alcove is Mirror Protocol. Built on Terra, a South Korean crypto activity that uses the Tendermint blockchain, Mirror offers constructed acknowledgment to top stocks. It is decentralized, permissionless, and like crypto, accessible 24/7. 

Now, the activity is alms traders a simple app to abutting the bend finally. Chee Lee, the managing administrator abaft ATQ Capital, the aggregation advancement the Mirror Wallet, shared:

“With an affected and automatic user interface, Mirror Wallet’s trading acquaintance is allusive with Robinhood. Just as Robinhood fabricated banal trading attainable to millions of Americans, we ahead Mirror Wallet could accomplish US equities attainable to the millions of users common who haven’t ahead been able to participate in the US banal market.”

The app offers traders acknowledgment to a dozen constructed versions of Google, Netflix, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, and Microsoft.

Instead of authorization currency, these stocks can be purchased application Terra’s built-in stablecoin called to the U.S. dollar, TerraUSD. Later, the aggregation will acquaint both Bitcoin and Tether for purchases. Participants in Mirror Protocol can additionally vote to add added assets to the wallet by staking MIR tokens. 

Mirror Protocol is airdropping up to $100,000 in TerraUSD to traders’ wallets proportional to the aggregate traded to kickstart downloads. Active users will adore a beyond allotment of the award-winning pool. 

Decentralized, Global Markets

The chase is clearly on to actualize the best on-ramp to constructed Tesla stocks.

Decentralized protocols are, however, at a accessory advantage over their centralized counterparts. 

Securities laws in the United States accept yet to bolt up to the Wild West of crypto, and abyssal the constructed asset amplitude has accurate baleful for some firms. In July 2020, the SEC answerable Abra failing to annals with the Commission admitting alms security-based affairs to retail investors. Questions about Bittrex’s contempo access accept sparked agnate discussions. 

Even Robinhood itself has collapsed beneath authoritative analysis time and again. In the latest, the close has agreed to pay the SEC $65 actor for ambiguous barter and for declining “to acknowledge the firm’s cancellation of payments from trading firms for acquisition chump orders.”

It charcoal to be apparent how and back regulators will crackdown on the appearing DeFi space.

It’s already clear, however, that the technology’s abeyant is outpacing 2024s-era banking systems. 

Disclosure: At the time of press, the columnist holds BTC, ETH, and WBTC.