Billionaire Ray Dalio Discusses Future of Money, Insists Some Governments Will Ban Crypto

Billionaire Ray Dalio Discusses Future of Money, Insists Some Governments Will Ban Crypto

THELOGICALINDIAN - Billionaire Ray Dalio the architect of the worlds better barrier armamentarium Bridgewater Associates has aggregate his appearance on cryptocurrency advance and the approaching of money He believes that crypto will be banned by altered governments

Ray Dalio on the Future of Money and Crypto

Bridgewater Associates architect Ray Dalio discussed cryptocurrency adjustment and the approaching of money in an account with David Rubenstein Thursday.

Dalio currently serves as the Bridgewater Associates administrator and cochief advance officer. His firm’s audience accommodate endowments, governments, foundations, pensions, and absolute abundance funds.

He was asked, “How do you apprehend crypto impacting the apple order?” The Bridgewater administrator replied, “I anticipate it’s interesting,” advice that he has “a tiny percentage” of his portfolio in crypto.

He explained: “I capital to alter but it’s a actual accessible adventure because they can clue who is operating on it. It can be tracked.” He added:

In addition, Dalio opined: “In agreement of its size, it has issues. So I anticipate too abundant absorption is spent on crypto.”

This was not the aboriginal time that the Bridgewater bang-up warned about governments outlawing cryptocurrencies. In January, he explained that the government banned gold and argent in the past, so they could analogously outlaw bitcoin. In September, he said governments could annihilate bitcoin if it becomes “really successful.”

Dalio added aggregate with Rubenstein:

“We are activity to catechism money as a average of barter but it’s additionally storehold of wealth,” the billionaire noted. “And we are activity to be analytic what are the appropriate storeholds of abundance in value.”

He concluded: “And, you are activity to see about the apple … the agenda adaptation of that booty abode in abounding forms … [and] You are activity to see added forms of that antagonism … in the years ahead.”

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