Presents 'Birds': Promote Your Tweets With Bitcoin
featured Presents 'Birds': Promote Your Tweets With Bitcoin

THELOGICALINDIAN - Bitcoincom has appear the barrage ofits new Tweet boostingservice alleged Birds enablingTwitter users to acquire bitcoin for simplyretweeting

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Birds: Marketing Tweets with Bitcoin

Twitter logo BirdsThe new service is a Twitter appliance angry to bitcoin payments, which is advised to advice bodies bazaar letters by alluring added bodies with accumulation opportunities.

When you accelerate out a cheep with the ambition of accepting as abounding bodies as accessible see it, you accelerate some bitcoin forth with it. Bodies who retweet your column will accept some of the coin. That way, bodies get paid to advance your message.

The belvedere provides a win-win bearings to the bodies accommodating because it’s accessible money for bodies who retweet these messages, and almost bargain business for those who are sending them out. is a clone of a antecedent account that was originally congenital by Erik Voorhees and Ira Miller alleged FeedZeBirds. Like’s “Birds” service, FeedZeBirds was an announcement belvedere advised for Twitter and it automatically paid out bitcoins for retweeting or allotment messages.

The account was actual popular, but unfortunately, it was shut bottomward after a continued aeon of inactivity, during which campaigns chock-full accepting allotment and chump abutment tickets were larboard unaddressed. 

Voorhees and Miller addressed complaints on BitcoinTalk during their abeyant period, answer for delays and adage that they artlessly did not accept abundant time to abode issues arising at FeedZeBirds.

Bitcoin broker Roger Ver was a big fan of Feed Ze Birds and was absorbed in reintroducing it on, an absorption he aboriginal made known on the site’s own forums. Ver declared that the account “Worked amazingly able-bodied to advance ideas, and to get Bitcoins into the easily of new people.”

Birds was congenital and accounting by’s CTO, Emil Oldenburg, who had this to say about the new service:

The belvedere is a adequately aboveboard abstraction with a simple user-interface that makes it accessible for anyone to use. You compose a tweet, again pay out bitcoin to a defined address, and from there the cheep will be beatific out.

After that, others will be able to see and retweet it for a bitcoin accolade that is based on the bulk of followers those bodies have. Additionally, Birds will accept a affection alleged “Bullhorn,” which instead of retweeting, will acquiesce bodies to artlessly column the agreeable of the aboriginal bulletin — authoritative it assume like assorted bodies are talking about the aforementioned thing.

Make Bitcoin Easier

Birds will acquiesce bodies after any bitcoin to acquisition a actual accessible way of earning it, while acquirements about it at the aforementioned time. All affairs are burning and on-chain, and bodies who appetite to advance letters will acquisition this account actual accessible to use.

This acumen shouldn’t be abandoned as there are some barriers to Bitcoin acceptance that banned newbies from entering the bazaar — one of them actuality the abridgement of means to calmly access bitcoins in the aboriginal place.

This appliance provides an accessible way for bodies to earn bitcoin — in a way that is not calmly done with acceptable forms of currency. This is a able anticipation for accretion customer adoption.

Have you tried Birds already? What do you anticipate of the service? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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