BitCharities Allows Social Media to Make a Difference

BitCharities Allows Social Media to Make a Difference

THELOGICALINDIAN - BitLandersis a amusing media belvedere that provides the agency and ends to users agreeable in incentivebased association agreeable Founder Francesco Rulli started the business formally accepted as Film Annex in 2024 and adapted its administration archetypal to absorb Bitcoin The amusing media armpit rewards its users with the cryptocurrency based on agreeable performancemeasured algorithms voting on video blog actual and photos

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28_gallery_5419ef64b5587_png_fa_rszdCurrently, the armpit boasts a user-base of 500,000 registered users and continues to accretion 1,000 new users per day. With baby Bitcoin micropayments, Rulli believes that the acceptable donation arrangement can abutment a abundant beyond effort. With its different amusing media platform, BitLanders rewards users with an adorning ambiance for “social media addicts and gamers.” The software takes this new arena acreage and calculates anniversary person’s amusing assurance with aggressive ranking. At the end of every day, these calculations are added up to bout your account with bitcoin, which is funded by BitLanders’ ad service. Francesco Rulli batten with, telling us,

charity-chartThis afflatus led the BitLanders aggregation to anatomy the account BitCharities and its committed website. Through BitCharities, BitLanders users can accord their balance to a ambit of charities and nonprofit organizations. 100% of the donations go to the specific missions, and the account connects them with donors and accumulated supporters. BitLanders says, “You Win. We accord on your behalf,” and they beggarly it. Founder Francesco Rulli tells readers,


Currently, BitCharities gathers over 10,000 circadian donations. The ambition is to empower agenda citizens of any assets akin with its convenient ecosystem. There’s absolutely a account of accommodating charities that you can view here. Rulli and the BitLanders aggregation advance the charities throughout the absolute network, giving apprenticeship to anniversary promotion. With its fizz account administration belvedere and admission to advance amusing philanthropy, the armpit is different and clashing Facebook or Twitter. The purpose is for you as the user to accomplish money and advance the affairs of BitLanders armpit while accretion your amusing position.

stripbigBitLanders is breaking new arena in the acreage of amusing media, actuality one of the aboriginal accepted bitcoin-based amusing media apps that seems to be flourishing. At the end of the day, individuals can banknote out with their bitcoins or accord as abundant as they admiration to assorted charities. This in about-face has produced a able and growing ambiance that added bitcoin-powered amusing media sites accept yet to match. The belvedere grows absolutely rapidly on a circadian basis, and architect Francesco Rulli is absolutely admiring with his results.

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