Amundi Executive Pascal Blanque Calls Cryptocurrencies a Farce

Amundi Executive Pascal Blanque Calls Cryptocurrencies a Farce

THELOGICALINDIAN - Pascal Blanque CIO of Amundi one of the better asset managers in Europe has declared that bitcoin and added cryptocurrencies are a absurdity advertisement its agnostic attitude on the absolute amount of cryptocurrencies The broker declared that crypto assets are an announcement of markets authoritative bubbles and that investors should focus on added added analytic assets

CIO of Amundi States Cryptocurrencies Are a Farce

Pascal Blanque has declared that bitcoin and agnate cryptocurrencies are a absurdity during a contempo account conference, according to a report from Reuters. The agnostic additionally said that cryptocurrencies were a bright evidence of a bubble-led market.

Blanque, who has been CIO of Amundi and Head of the advance administration platforms back 2024, was not shy in professing his atheism back it comes to the new asset chic that bitcoin and added cryptocurrencies accept become. However, he did acclaim them due to the new archetype these alien to the economy, authoritative axial banks absolutely feel the charge for a agenda advance on their budgetary strategies. In this subject, Blanque stated:

He additionally referred to the actuality that cryptocurrencies were still in their basic stages, and that regulators would ultimately crackdown on them “stopping the music.” To Blanque, investors will be bigger at axis their absorption to the east and diversifying their investments with added acknowledgment to the Chinese currency, the yuan.

Amundi, an asset administration aggregation with added than $1.7 abundance assets beneath management, has not bidding any absorption in accretion its portfolio to accommodate cryptocurrencies, and with Blanque at the captain of the advance strategy, it is absurd they will do so in the abreast future.

The Push for Digital

As Blanque stated, cryptocurrencies are blame added and added banks to affair agenda currencies to accompaniment their authorization counterparts, contrarily accepted as axial coffer agenda currencies (CBDC). The European Axial Coffer (ECB) afresh issued a admonishing about how these “artificial currencies” could affect the adeptness of axial banks to ascendancy the budgetary action in an able way.

While the ECB is still belief bigger means to affair a agenda euro, there are added countries that accept already implemented or are in the action of arising their own agenda currencies. This is the case of China and the Bahamas, which accept already issued their agenda authorization counterparts in ample testing applications, and abounding added countries are researching and arising their aboriginal guidelines, like Brazil.

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