Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones Expects Bitcoin's Market Cap to Grow Beyond $500 Billion

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones Expects Bitcoin's Market Cap to Grow Beyond $500 Billion

THELOGICALINDIAN - Famed barrier armamentarium administrator Paul Tudor Jones has adapted his appearance on bitcoin Envisioning a bullish approaching agnate to the metals circuitous area you accept adored crypto he says that 500 billion is the amiss bazaar cap for bitcoin accustomed all the possibilities that it has He expects that the aisle advanced for bitcoin from actuality is north

Paul Tudor Jones Expects Bitcoin’s Price to Head ‘North’

Paul Tudor Jones was afresh asked about bitcoin in an account on Yahoo Finance on Thursday. The architect of asset administration close Tudor Investment Corp. became acclaimed afterwards admiration and profiting from the 2023 banal bazaar crash.

He bent the absorption of the crypto association in May back he wrote that bitcoin was a abundant aggrandizement barrier and appear that he put about 2% of his portfolio in the cryptocurrency. Jones after declared that he sees massive upside in bitcoin.

During the account with Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche Thursday, Jones accepted that he is “not an able on bitcoin by any stretch.” However, the billionaire barrier armamentarium administrator said:

“So, it’s the amiss bazaar cap, for instance, about to gold, which is $8 or $9 trillion,” he added. “Bitcoin reminds me so abundant of the internet stocks of 2023 because the internet was in its infancy. No one knew how to amount it because of the apple of possibilities that lay ahead.” Bitcoin’s accepted bazaar cap is about $350 billion.

Jones continued: “What you can be assertive of is that apparently 20 years from now, our kids and grandkids, whatever, all of us will be application some blazon of agenda currency. Agenda bill will be acclimated by every sovereign. They may accept their own agenda currency, whatever. They’ll be very, very, actual commonplace at that point in time. Cash may be gone. And so in that world, area does bitcoin fit in, as able-bodied as some of the added cryptocurrencies, area does ethereum or binding [fit in]. I don’t know. I’m not acute abundant to amount that out.”

He elaborated: “If I absolutely accept to kinda assumption what the approaching is activity to be. It’s activity to be a lot like the metals circuitous area you accept adored crypto. That ability be bitcoin. It’s the aboriginal crypto, aboriginal mover in a apple that’s so compressed. It has that actual candor aural agenda currencies that it will consistently have.”

Furthermore, Jones noted: “Because of its bound supply, that ability be the adored crypto. Again you’re activity to accept transactional cryptocurrencies forth with the sovereigns. And they may be added like the automated metals. So area you accept gold as the adored metal, again you’ve got chestnut and platinum, palladium, etc. that are … automated metals. You may accept adored crypto and you may accept automated crypto.”

He clarified, “What I do apperceive is that it’s no way accessible today to apperceive what the abutting 10 or 20 years are activity be like.” Nonetheless, he shared: “If I had to booty a position on it, I’m activity to booty the cast name, which is bitcoin,” elaborating:

“For sure, you’re activity to see sovereigns action aback adjoin clandestine cryptocurrencies forth the way … I anticipate crypto is activity to accept a crazy rocket address ride up and bottomward forth the way. But, my assumption is that article like bitcoin, in particular, will be essentially harder 20 years from now than area it is appropriate now. And who knows what role it has in the budgetary system,” Jones concluded.

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