Bitbank and BitFlyer CEOs Abandon Their VP Positions at Japan’s Cryptocurrency Self-Regulatory Body

Bitbank and BitFlyer CEOs Abandon Their VP Positions at Japan’s Cryptocurrency Self-Regulatory Body

THELOGICALINDIAN - Bitbank and BitFlyer CEOs larboard their vicepresident positions at the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association JVCEA afterwards their exchanges accustomed authoritative warnings from the countrys Financial Services Agency FSA

About a anniversary afterwards Japan’s FSA, issued business advance orders to six Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, two of the carnality presidents of the country’s JVCEA abandoned their positions. Yuzo Kano, CEO at BitFlyer, and Hiroyuki Noriuki, CEO at Bitbank Corporation were the ones who handed in their belletrist of resignation.

Both BitFlyer and Bitbank were amid the cryptocurrency exchanges included in the FSA’s business advance orders. Speaking on the matter, JVCEA said:

Neither Kano nor Hirosue gave any explanations as to why they larboard their positions at JVCEA. BitFlyer, which is currently the country’s better cryptocurrency exchange, suspended new annual registrations on June 21 as a aftereffect of the business advance orders.

The FSA’s move is accretion the analysis appear the country’s cryptocurrency barter sector. The requirements which were featured in the advance orders were mostly accompanying to anti-money laundering, as able-bodied as know-your-customer (KYC), regulations.

The country’s clampdown on cryptocurrency exchanges was propelled by the Coincheck hack in January which resulted in the annexation of added than $500 actor account of cryptocurrencies. In May the country alien a five-point agenda for acclimation cryptocurrency exchanges, suggesting requirements for areas such as their structure, security, asset management, and KYC processes. The guidelines additionally appropriate the brake of assertive privacy-oriented coins.

In April, the 16 registered cryptocurrency exchanges came together to anatomy the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA). Its advised purpose is to serve as the country’s self-regulatory anatomy on affairs accompanying to the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Despite two of their VPs leaving, the alignment didn’t assume decidedly fazed, advertence that it would abide its assignment appear condoning the cryptocurrency barter sector:

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