Bitcoin ABC Developers Address a Vulnerability Found

Bitcoin ABC Developers Address a Vulnerability Found

THELOGICALINDIAN - On April 26 2024 the Bitcoin ABC development aggregation were notified of a analytical affair that applies to Bitcoin Cash miners who were utilizing the BitcoinABC 0170 applicant After allegory the vulnerability ABC developers created a application and broadcast the new ABC applicant 0171 and appear the software to BCH mining pools

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Bitcoin ABC Developers Address a Vulnerability Found in the Client Version 0.17.0

Just afresh the Bitcoin ABC development aggregation were notified of a vulnerability in the ABC 0.17.0 applicant by an alien person(s). According to developers, the blemish could accept acquired an adventitious breach in the Bitcoin Cash network. Reports detail that an antagonist could assemble a awful transaction that would be accustomed by Bitcoin-ABC 0.17.0 miners. However, the block would be alone by the blow of the accordant versions of Bitcoin Cash-compatible mining applications like the Bitcoin Unlimited client.

“BUCash and versions of Bitcoin-ABC above-mentioned to 0.17.0 could be breach from the majority Bitcoin Cash blockchain — Only Bitcoin ABC and BUCash nodes were included in the assay of this vulnerability,” the development aggregation details.

After some testing and assay of the vulnerability, the Bitcoin ABC development aggregation crafted a application for the affair immediately. “Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1 fixes this problem,” explains the ABC teams adventure address and the new software was forwarded to absolute BCH miners. The Lead Developer of the’s Mining Pool, Shaun Chong, explained that afterwards the vulnerability address was appear the ABC development aggregation was actual quick to appraise and fix the problem.   

“Bitcoin ABC dealt with the bearings professionally and responsibly — They were quick to application the bug and administer it abreast to miners, appropriately abbreviation the accident of a alternation split”, Shaun Chong said.

All BCH 0.17.0 Clients Need to Upgrade ASAP

The Bitcoin ABC programmers are allurement all 0.17.0 users to advancement to the latest 0.17.1 client as anon as possible. The aggregation reveals that it will be demography “several actions” in the approaching to anticipate contest like this from occurring afresh and abate acknowledgment times alike faster.  “Bitcoin ABC is in discussions with industry participants to authorize a academic bug compensation system,” the aggregation emphasizes.

ABC developers say they would like to acknowledge the bearding person(s) who responsibly appear the affair to the development team. The address provided was “clear and professional” according to the developers. “We additionally appetite to acknowledge the miners for their cooperation, compassionate and for the fast and able way in which they took activity to assure the Bitcoin Cash arrangement and its users,” the Bitcoin ABC developers conclude.

Download the latest Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1 adaptation here.

Images via Shutterstock and Bitcoin ABC.

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