Bitcoiners Respond: How Will the Halving Affect BTC Price?

Bitcoiners Respond: How Will the Halving Affect BTC Price?

THELOGICALINDIAN - Back in May Bitcoincom accustomed some arresting answers back we asked a agglomeration of cryptocurrency enthusiasts what they would do if one bitcoin accomplished a amount of 10000 USD Now in yet addition chapter of Bitcoiners RespondBitcoincomasked how will theapproaching block rewardhalving affect BTC price

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The latest catechism was asked on assorted amusing media platforms from Facebook to Google Plus apropos the accolade change advancing July 10.

The questions we asked were: what do Bitcoin supporters apprehend the amount to do during the halving anniversary and can you appraisal area it will be in value? Or do you anticipate annihilation will happen, and it will aloof be an accustomed week?

Here’s what some cryptocurrency enthusiasts revealed…

Bitcoiners Respond: The Halving

[Note: Respondent’s aftermost names were bare to assure their identity]

“There will be a amount fasten before, but not at the halving. Amount bead after, but not beneath $500…all based on speculators.” — Doug, Bitcoin enthusiast

“Hoping they broadcast leaked advice about the Australian bitcoin bargain to see how aerial they paid as a examination of what minimum appraisement to apprehend during and aboriginal afterwards the halving.” — César, Bitcoin enthusiast

“I apprehend we will see an access in amount for the abutting few months. The halving will be aloof one of assorted affidavit for the access in value. Now that Bitcoin is clearly a safe anchorage all of the anarchy lately, and the advancing acclamation should augur able-bodied for Bitcoin.” — Randy, Bitcoin enthusiast

“I anticipate it is a abundant time to alter abundant into altcoins to authority with anybody appointment aback into btc.” — Darnell, Bitcoin enthusiast


“The amount will fasten to 800 additional change, but drops appropriate afore the halving.”— Dave, Bitcoin enthusiast

“All the movements in amount acquired by halving, Brexit, etc. can’t consolidate in the continued appellation if we as Bitcoin evangelists can’t argue a greater cardinal of citizens to accept BTC as a average of payment. Volatility will be abutting by Bitcoin Amount unless a analytical accumulation of consumers and merchants doesn’t use the crypto for its primary objective: payments.”— Jose, Bitcoin enthusiast

“Maybe a slight bang due to apprehension of the halving before, but I don’t anticipate it will booty off until a little while afterwards halving occurs and the bazaar absolutely feels the dip in new bill actuality created.”— Vance, Bitcoin enthusiast

“After the dust settles, I was acquisitive it holds 500 . I don’t see abundant of a appeal access alike with a accumulation decrease.”— Nathan, Bitcoin enthusiast

“This accomplished thing’s a bit like back meteorologists at the acclimate agency affair a “50% adventitious of rain” forecast; it basically says ‘It ability rain, and it ability not rain.’ Bitcoin ability go up afterwards halving, and it ability not go up. I anticipate the best acceptable book is there’ll be a accessory assemblage above-mentioned to halving (courtesy of those ‘friendly’ whales who’ll use any befalling to admit a little pump they can afresh dump on) afresh the amount will go bottomward able-bodied beneath the boilerplate pre-halving amount (so maybe low 600s or into the aerial 500s even) area it will blast about for a while afterwards the whales accept calm added bill post-dump from all those bailing out abashed at the “halving failure”. Back all the dust has settled, and abundant accessories accept acicular out the accessible that the halving wasn’t absolutely as big an accident as anybody anticipation it was, it will alpha a bit-by-bit ascend afresh with the accepted animation we’ve appear to know.”— Philip, Bitcoin enthusiast

“I anticipate it will go afterwards abundant change or alarum (aside from us bitcoin dorks), and the furnishings on amount will be delayed. How delayed? Not abiding how delayed but it could alike be a few months. I’m adage that based on the aftermost halving which was appealing boring until a means afterwards it, but again there were a lot of agitative contest that followed.” — Chris, Bitcoin enthusiast


“I absolutely anticipate the amount is activity to drop. The halving has set abounding expectations, lots of new acquisitiveness money entered the bold assertive that the amount will skyrocket, and all will be rich. Which it will apparently not. A little annihilate and lots of continued positions will be liquidated, and the new money will panic. Interesting times ahead. For the amount to rocket, there still needs to be buy support.”— Erwin, Bitcoin enthusiast

“I anticipate the amount will backfire to untouchable ranges during the anniversary of the halving, almost like $2,500 to 5k a pop. Then the balloon will actual bottomward aloof aloft $1,100 like in 2024.” — Kelly, Bitcoin enthusiast

“The abatement in accumulation will accomplishment appraisement in over time, conceivably over a ages or two. In fact, it’s apparently already abundantly priced in.”— Matthew, Bitcoin enthusiast

“Good question. I anticipate you’ll get a baby access appropriate afore and a baby abatement appropriate after.”— Arturo, Bitcoin enthusiast

“Well I anticipate authentic belief is gonna roof the price, and afterwards the blessed pills abrasion off well, the dump begins. OTC markets accept the ability as we speak, these little exchanges and the price ticker mean annihilation to whales.” — Gene, Bitcoin enthusiast

Speculation about the halving day has been abundant these accomplished few weeks, so it will be absorbing to see what happens with the mining operations and Bitcoin’s amount in fiat.

A lot of bodies are action big on the halving for an access in price, and others accept it’ll be aloof addition day in Bitcoin-land. You can be abiding will be accoutrement the accident no amount what happens.

What do you anticipate will appear with the amount of Bitcoin during the halving week? Let us apperceive in the comments below! 

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