Blockchain announces the alpha release of the Thunder Network

Blockchain announces the alpha release of the Thunder Network

THELOGICALINDIAN - Today Blockchaininfo appear the absolution of the Thunder Network which is an offchain bitcoin payments band-aid application acute affairs currently in the alphatesting appearance

The Thunder Network is the aboriginal accessible accomplishing of the Lightning network for off-chain bitcoin payments that settles aback to the capital bitcoin blockchain. The Thunder Network has the adeptness to accomplish live, about instant, and ultra-cheap transactions.

Blockchain did the aboriginal Thunder Network transaction a few canicule ago, Transaction 0, area Blockchain CEO Peter Smith and developer Mats Jerratsch were able to auspiciously accomplish a acquittal amid anniversary added off-chain.

In a blog column from Blockchain, Smith said,


Smith additionally went on to say that according to tests so far, they are able to achieve bigger than Visa calibration (100,000 TPS) with alone a few thousand nodes on the network.

At this time, the Thunder Network is still in an aboriginal alpha stage, so it’s not accessible to be deployed in assembly with absolute payments yet, but it can be activated by running the code begin on GitHub. It’s additionally abased on when both CSV and SegWit are implemented on the bitcoin blockchain; until that happens affairs aren’t enforceable at the bitcoin agreement level. Blockchain estimates that it will booty almost twelve months afore this happens.