Blockchain-Based Video Sharing Platform Flixxo Announces Partnership with Distributed Computing Network

Blockchain-Based Video Sharing Platform Flixxo Announces Partnership with Distributed Computing Network

THELOGICALINDIAN - Furthering their ambition to accommodate a absolutely decentralized belvedere for uploading and administration videos Flixxo has appear that they accept entered into a cardinal affiliation with iExec a decentralized arrangement and exchange for billow computing

The video agreeable administration bazaar has already been disconnected amid above players like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. Understandably, the absorption of such an astronomic bazaar worries abounding people. Not alone does accurately of monopolization, but autumn all of that abstracts is expensive. On its own, Netflix spends over $1 billion per year on abstracts accumulator and those aerial costs get anesthetized bottomward to consumers. Finally, there are the perils of centralized censorship and acquirement distribution.

Video alive is a bazaar that is arrant out for blockchain initiatives, which can action censorship-free agreeable sharing, accuracy of transactions, decidedly lower abstracts accumulator costs, and faster distribution.

Flixxo network

The Flixxo is a video administration belvedere that enables users to upload videos, allotment them with the community, and get adored with Flixx tokens (FLX). It is based on a peer-to-peer (p2p) broadcast agreeable accumulator arrangement from which the absolute videos will be transferred via BitTorrent and stored locally on the viewers’ devices. Agreeable providers acquire tokens back addition watches their agreeable and admirers can acquire tokens by watching ads or by agriculture agreeable that they accept already watched.

Before a allotment of video agreeable can be aggregate on the network, however, it needs to be adapted into a array of formats to acquiesce users to accept the one that fits their bandwidth and affection requirements best. Since the assignment of encoding and adaptation videos is actual accretion intensive, Flixxo has entered into a affiliation with the broadcast accretion belvedere in adjustment to agent the resource-demanding job to’s decentralized network.

Speaking about the new partnership, Chief of Innovation and Adoption Jean-Charles Cabelguen stated:

The band-aid offered by is a broadcast accretion arrangement based on the Proof-of-Contribution accord agreement that allows the affiliation of off-chain computations with the blockchain, while additionally accouterment actual incentives for the participants. For Flixxo it is the absolute befalling to advance the affection of its casework college after cost-inefficient centralized abstracts centers.

Pablo Carbajo, CTO of Flixxo, explained:

One of the appearance that Flixxo affairs to acquaint into its belvedere is alive video streaming. To do this, a able billow accretion courage is bare that would acquiesce for real-time transcoding is critical. has the computational ability that Flixxo needs to achieve this task. is the aboriginal blockchain-based broadcast billow accretion platform. They accommodate blockchain-based broadcast applications (dApps) a defended and scalable way to calmly admission the accretion assets they need. The belvedere utilizes a bazaar arrangement area anybody can monetize their servers, applications, and abstracts sets.

Earlier this year, had one of the fastest assuming badge sales of 2017, accepting accomplished their best cap of $12 actor in beneath than three hours. For added advice about the aggregation and its platform, amuse appointment

Described as a “social abridgement based on decentralized video sharing”, Flixxo combines the best of blockchain technology and the BitTorrent communications agreement to actualize a different peer-to-peer video administration platform. Agreeable producers can administer and monetize their video agreeable through the p2p arrangement while users of the Flixx belvedere will be able to allotment their accessory assets to accord to the platform’s decentralized video-serving network, all while earning Flixx coins.

Flixxo is currently in the final canicule of its badge sale, which ends on November 23, 2017. Tokens can be purchased from the project’s official website and at ICOfunding.